A Wrinkle In Time Book Study

In this 10-day class, we will travel to strange worlds and go on dangerous adventures in Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Class Experience

This novel study is part of a series of coming-of-age novels featuring strong, female protagonists. In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg Murry takes a fantastic journey into the fifth dimension to rescue her father, who been missing for over a year. Meg must find the courage to fight the evil forces that hold her father captive. This classic, Newbery Award winning novel by Madeleine L’Engle is sure to find a place in your student’s heart. This class is appropriate for advanced 4th-6th grades .
The major themes of A Wrinkle in Time are the battle between good and evil and the triumphant power of love. Some other themes that the story explores are patience, acceptance, and courage. The story has a broad appeal and will interest even reluctant readers.
Students will be asked to read 2 chapters and complete related work before each class. We will practice vocabulary, character analysis and story extension writing which will include out of class assignments. Students will be encouraged, but not required, to share some of their work in class.

Chapters 1-12

Meeting One: Chapters 1-2
*Discuss reading and questions
*What is sci-fi/fantasy?
*Vocabulary words for chapters 1-2
*Begin analysis sheets for major characters

Meeting Two: Chapters 3-4
*Discuss reading and questions
*Tesseract discussion
*Writing mechanics activity
*Vocabulary words for chapters 3-4
*Continue character analysis

Meeting Three: Chapters 5-6
*Discuss reading and questions
*Famous sayings activity
*Vocabulary words for chapters 5-6
*Continue character analysis

Meeting Four: Chapters 7-8
*Discuss reading and questions
*Literary themes
*Vocabulary words for chapters 7-8
*Continue character analysis

Meeting Five: Chapters 9-10
*Discuss reading and questions
*Book trailer project
*Vocabulary words for chapters 9-10
*Continue character analysis

Meeting Six: Chapters 11-12
*Discuss reading and questions
*Vocabulary words for chapters 11-12
*Story extension assignment
*Complete character analysis