Ustar After School Enrich & Diagnosis Program

Our goal is to

● Help students master their grade level knowledge in all subjects

● Improve and enhance what students have learned at school on daily basis

● Provide tailored instruction to ensure students achieve good grades at school

How it works

Teachers assign weekly work per subject every Friday. Teachers go over each question in class including Q&A section and make sure students understand all questions in the end.

Week 1: Math

Week 2: ELA

Week 3 Science

Week 4 Social study

How to Sign Up

Class Time: Monday to Friday, 40 min per class
Students sign up monthly

Program Highlights

● We provide real-time diagnostic reports for students’ comprehensive performance.

● We employ the 4+1 mode to stay efficient: 4 means four days of learning from Monday to Thursday. And 1 means one day of testing on Friday.

● Diagnostic tests will be conducted every Friday and weekly reports of each subject will be sent to parents right after Friday class.

● We use IXL series workbooks.
IXL is American’s most academic focused learning program. It is famous for its comprehensive diagnostic system and its practice questions are designed by educational professionals aiming to improve and enhance what students are required to master.

Math sample:

ELA sample:

Science sample:

Social Study sample: