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English Class

Grammar + writing, vocabulary + reading

Our language arts curriculum uses a workshop approach to teach and explore reading, writing, poetry, word study, grammar, and writing mechanics using WW3000, Write Source book and reading comprehension books.

Math & Math Competition

Our math, science, and engineering curriculum cultivates a passion for problem solving, improves student’s mathematical ability, a knack for numbers, and the desire to discover from an early age. We use programs like Beast Academy, Singapore Math and AOPS to build the foundation, and help students prepare math competitions like “Math Kangaroo“, “Math league“, “AMC 8 and 10“, as well as “American Computer Science League (ACSL)“.

Lego Robotics

– Essential Foundation

(Age 6-9, Level 1-3) 

– Prime Real Life
(Age 7-13, Level 4-6)
– FLL Challenge Tournament Prep

(Age 9-14)

Vex Robotics

– VEX Go

(Age 5-8, Level 1-3)

– VEX IQ(2nd gen)

(Age 8-13, Level 4-6)


(Age 10+)

– VEX IQ Competition

(Age 9-14)

Ustar Science Lab

The Elementary Science Olympiad consists of events from the three broad areas of science education: 1. Science process and thinking skills; 2. Science concepts and knowledge; 3.Science application and technology skills. In this class students get familiar with some Science Olympiad basic concepts through hands-on activities. Children learn some STEM concepts like anatomy, chemistry, physics and engineering.

Maker Space

Young makers exploring creativity in the maker space.

Make Your Own Book

Welcome to the exciting world of creativity and imagination with our Make Your Own Book Program! Designed to inspire young minds and ignite a passion for storytelling, this program empowers participants to become authors and illustrators of their own unique tales.



STEM's Teachers

Ms. Samare

Samare Moazeni holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and has over a decade of experience as a STEM instructor, coach, and science curriculum developer. With a Site Supervisor/Teacher Permit from West Valley College, she is dedicated to fostering problem-solving skills in her students through open-ended questioning. Passionate about unlocking student potential, she earned her Board Cognitive Specialist Certificate from IBCCES. Currently, she serves as the Ustar Manager/STEM Teacher/Science Olympiad Coach at Ustar Cupertino.

Teacher Sara 

Teacher Sara has a Bachelor of Science and Child Development certificate. She has experience working with various stages of teaching starting child level from pre-school, elementary school till college student. She is ready to get a Master Teacher California License from Commission teacher credentialing. Her specialty is teaching Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Game Design, Computer Programming such as Python and Java, and Robotic with the play-based method. She strives to make learning fun for children.


Isabel has been teaching science and STEM for 4+ years, including coding and robotics. She is dedicated to fostering students’ curiosity and problem-solving skills through project-based learning. Isabel holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from University College London and an M.A. in Education from UC Berkeley.

Coach Levi

Levi received his master degree from UC Berkeley with a concentration in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. His engineering fields lie in robotic vision and learning, and has completed various software projects based on mobile robots.

Dr. Liao

• 4 years teaching robotics, developing curriculum for various institutions.

• 3 years leading VEX teams, including referee and translator roles at World Championships.

• Expert in VEX rules, strategies, and providing guidance in design, programming, and teamwork.

Mr. Wuyuan 

Wuyuan Chen, with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz, boasts 5 years in software development for space and energy sectors. He tutored STEM subjects for 2 years at UC Santa Cruz and now merges his engineering expertise and teaching passion to impart practical learning experiences to children.

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