After School Programs

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Grammar + writing, vocabulary + reading

English Class

Our language arts curriculum uses a workshop approach to teach and explore reading, writing, poetry, word study, grammar, and writing mechanics using WW3000, Write Source book and reading comprehension books.

Math & Computer Science

Math & Computer Science

Our math, science, and engineering curriculum cultivates a passion for problem solving, improves student’s mathematical ability, a knack for numbers, and the desire to discover from an early age. We use programs like Beast Academy, Singapore Math and AOPS to build the foundation, and help students prepare math competitions like “Math Kangaroo“, “Math league“, “AMC 8 and 10“, as well as “American Computer Science League (ACSL)“.

Chinese & Chinese Micro Theater

Chinese & Chinese Micro Theater

中文微剧场:12-16 sessions each program, 45min per session: 听故事,做道具,体验表演乐趣, 通过演出的形式,把一个个故事浓缩成一个微剧,使其立体化,加上音乐和表演的结合,让书中的人物跳出画面,走到孩子们身边,带孩子们走进神秘的故事世界。用幽默诙谐的方式,让中文教育变得更有趣和更有意义。

Lego Robotics Learning program FLL Explor/Challenge Teams Tournament Prep


Focusing on discover, explore, challenge, teamwork and fun, this program inspires youth to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding, and design skills through fun hands-on STEM learning and robotics, paving the foundation to participate in future FIRST Tech Challenge and Robotics Competition. 

16 sessions each program, 1.5hr per session

Art Class

Professional systematic art classes for all ages from 4 to 15 years old,  with small classes at different times. Children’s painting/drawing/sketching/ink painting/watercolor/acrylic/oil painting, from entry to mastery, step by step. Empower your child’s imagination and help your child create, design, and make with an artistic view. We also provide adult art class, Parent and me art class. 

Reading Club

Reading Club

One book per week, learn key literature words in the book, discuss the essential questions, analyze the book, enhance writing.

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