Anne of Green Gables

In this course, learners will have an opportunity to learn about and discuss a classic work of literature that has delighted young people for generations: Anne of Green Gables. 

We will learn and study the vocabulary below using context clues and text references. Independent chapter reading will take place at home, before class but we will read excerpts from the novel in class together. We will take place in weekly comprehension quizzes, in a fun and non-stressful way. 

Day 1: Chapters 1-5

Character Analysis: Rachel Lynde, Matthew Cuthbert

Vocabulary: repute, decorum, dint, gauntlet, sorrel, placidly betoken, deftly, prim, jaunt, asylum, spry, qualm, uncanny, ungainly, sidle, jaunty, discerning, worldly, homely, alabaster, ingenuous, bough, reverie, ethereal, ruminate, wistful, rapture, waif, reproachful, gable, frill, raiment, predilection, resolutely, pervade, bent, inculcate, drudgery, pinion

Comprehension Kahoot Game

Essay Prompt: Compare Marilla’s and Mrs. Lynde’s personalities. How are they different , how the same?

Day 2: Chapters 6-10

Character Analysis: Anne, Marilla Cuthbert

Vocabulary: flighty, providential, superfluous, pert, stipulation, fractious, reprove, vim, admonish, glib, assent, fortnight, discourse, irreverent, askance, hallowed, brocade, grippe, vagary, gossamer, ruddy, emphatic, consternation, indignation, solemnity, saucy, countenance, reprehensible, refractory, impress, rejoinder, obdurate, wan, plaintive, penitent, behoove, abasement, officious, mite, sheaf

Comprehension Kahoot Game

Essay Prompt: Anne’s imagination is a main theme in the book. How does her imagination make her life richer? Do you use your imagination a lot in a similar way to Anne? If not, why?


Day 3: Chapters 11-18

Character Analysis: Diana

Vocabulary: disconsolate, irreproachable, caper, cordially, abet, beguile, deprecate, enrapture, tribulation, brooch, bequeath, compunction, sublime, toothsome, repose, garret, blithely, tableau, stoutly, contrite, rakish, inflection, seethe, deign, ostentatiously, avail, cordial, beau, entreat, cloister, mortification, sere, suppliant, perusal, perquisite, bedizen, goodly, sundry, indulgent, glen

Comprehension Kahoot Game

Essay Prompt:  Anne’s best friend is Diana. Analyze Diana’s character. What similarities exist between the two girls? What differences exist? What sort of influence does Anne have over Diana? Is their friendship a healthy one? Explain.

Day 4: Chapters 19-27

Vocabulary: traipse, mirth, threadbare, sate, dissipation, furtive, pensive, valise, capricious, limpid, inexorable, presentiment, actuate, sojourn, dyspeptic, adulterate, inveigle, anodyne, demure, deportment, sonorous, pithy, seraph, untoward, gamely, precarious, inscrutable, cogitation, contrive, ingratiating, humdrum, beset, complacent, opine, rile, veracity, impeach, snood

Comprehension Kahoot Game

Essay Prompt: Anne had a very tragic childhood. How has that affected her? How do you think she is able to remain positive in the face of all that tragedy? What sort of outlook does she have for the future? Does this make Anne someone to look up to?

Day 5: Chapters 28-38

Vocabulary: dory, parse, pall, vex, allay, canto, don, prosaic, athwart, unduly, blighted, tacitly, evince, wayward, scruple, cipher, scrupulously, flounce, fray, dictum, dismally, imploringly, chasten, languish, sibilant, burnish, connive, vagrant, debar, languid, lithe, propitious, staunch, heath, preeminence, abate, eddy, oculist, nominal, vigil

Comprehension Kahoot Game”