Scratch level 3

Build Minecraft Games with Scratch

(by Dr. Z) 

Class Goal – Use Scratch knowledge to make Minecraft games!

With the scratch programming skills we have learned, we are going to design and build 2D and 3D Minecraft games that include building and mining/destroying structures. We will learn some mathematical and physical concepts that are helpful for the game implementations and useful in general coding practice. 

Course Outline

Part 1 – Understand Minecraft artifacts and start to create them with Scratch
them with Scratch

We will build smaller projects to understand / learn / practice the following skills:

– 2D Character Design
– 2D Movement Control
– 3D Sets and Character Design
– 3D in a two dimensional 

Part 2 – Put into actions

We will build 1~2 mid-size Minecraft games:

– 2D Craft creation and mining
  Below is just an example that I am working on: Our Minecraft character/agent
  (e.g., Steve) can build a house with building bricks (and trees, flowers,
  information boards, etc.). Our code will be able to handle our game’s players
  keyboard strokes and respond with meaningful actions. 

– 3D Craft creation and mining
We will design a set similar to the project(s) we built with Scratch parallax effect,
and mimic Minecraft mining to destroy the objects that appear in the power range
of the Minecraft operating hand.

Teacher’s Note

           Minecraft is a very popular well-known video game. It has been used
in teaching young minds knowledge of both computer science and all other

scientific subjects using digital simulations. It was requested by a few of
my current Scratch students that we learn to build Minecraft games with

          This teaching/learning experience will likely be more abstract and
requires some brain-twisting thinking, but it is a good opportunity to practice
using skills we’ve learned to tackle a different and interesting problem.
Depending on the teaching/learning progress of the class as a whole, I will
adjust the difficulty degree as we explore the new ways of using Scratch to
create Minecraft games. I will do my best to make if a fun experience as