Brothers: Sawyer, 8 years old, Zane, 6 years from Atlanta, GA review on Chinese Class

Brothers: Sawyer, 8 years old, Zane, 6 years from Atlanta, GA

Review on Chinese Class

Hello, my name is Robert. My two sons, ages 8 and 6, have taken online Chinese lessons with
Ustar for over a year.  My wife and I are very satisfied with our decision to change from a local classroom class to online classes.  Both teachers are certified Chinese teachers in China with over ten years’ experience, and they are very professional. The instructors also do a great job of introducing a variety of activities into the lessons to keep the students engaged.  In addition to learning speaking, reading, writing Chinese, they have also learned a lot about Chinese culture.
Originally, I was skeptical about an online class but have since become convinced that it works very well.  Since the ratio of children to teacher is better than the local classes they get more individual instruction from the teacher.  The time savings and convenience from not driving the kids to class is a huge benefit as well.
I highly recommend Ustar if you are considering enrolling your children in an online Chinese language class.

Sawyer(梅森) review on Ustar Chinese teacher & Read Chinese story

Sawyer(梅森) recite a Chinese poem

Zane(松然) read Chinese book

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