Module 1 Enter Classroom
Lesson 1 Lesson 1 - Collective nouns and the N end blends nt, ng and nk and nd in words
Lesson 2 Lesson 2 - the ough and augh sounds, reflexive pronouns and main idea in a story
Lesson 3 Lesson 3 - the S end blends st,sk and sp in words, the sequence of events in a story
Lesson 4 Lesson 4 - the Short o sound aw, awl, awk, alk and the main characters in a story
Lesson 5 Lesson 5 - the l end blends lk,lt and ld in words and basic English writing command
Lesson 6 Lesson 6 - the “tch” final sound in words, apostrophe, and the settings in a story
Lesson 7 Lesson 7 - the phonograms “ail and ain” in words, the moral of a story
Lesson 8 Lesson 8 - the phonograms “ock and oke” in words, Abbreviations, and the key details in a story
Lesson 9 Lesson 9 - the phonograms, “ump and unk”, Hyperbole, and the “Genre” of a story
Lesson 10 Lesson 10 - the “ine, ing and ink sounds in words, “Active and passive voice", and the events in a story
Lesson 11 Lesson 11 - the “ot and op” sounds in words, the “Different types of Clauses”, and the “Conclusion” in a story
Lesson 12 Lesson 12 - the “ell and all “sounds in words, “Articles”, and the author’s point of view in a story
Lesson 13 Lesson 13 - the “eat and ate” sounds, “Contractions” and predict the outcome of a passage in a story
Lesson 14 Lesson 14 - the “tion and sion” sounds, Prepositions, identify cause and effect in a story
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