Creative Writing Camp

2nd-4th grades

Day 1-5

In this summer “camp”, students will explore the craft of creative writing. Topics covered will include the key elements of plot, research, character creation and development, conflict, dialogue, and editing. Students will be able to respond to daily writing prompts and will be able to share their work with the class if they feel comfortable. Young writers will be able to create original work and share with the teacher or other students for constructive commentary and discussion. The classes will be taught using a combination of lecture and discussion. Both new and experienced writers are welcome. 

Day 1- we will explore ways to use adjectives to make our stories come alive! We will talk heavily about creating a strong beginning for a story. The students will learn how to develop a beginning that:
– Provides a setting
– Introduces characters
– Introduces the problem of the story

Day 2- the students will learn how to write a strong middle to a story that:
– Walks the reader through how the character(s) plan to solve the problem
– The struggles that the character(s) run into when trying to solve the problem
– Leading readers to the climax of the story.

Day 3- the students will construct a strong ending to their stories that:
– Gives a final solution to the story problem
– Ties the story together
– Gives the reader a sense of finality in the story.

Day 4- The students will also work on editing their stories to prepare them for presentation.

Day 5- the students will present their stories to the class. The teacher will use an assessment form to assess the students’ stories. I will provide and go over the rubric with the students during each class so that they know what to expect and they will be required to send their finished stories to me between the fourth and fifth class so that we can thoroughly assess their stories. 

5th -7th grades

Day 1-5

The students will learn all the important parts of a story and how to write a compelling story full of vivid images and characters. Students do not need to have a background in writing, they should however want to write a story or novel for themselves. Homework will be assigned in assignments due at the end of each class.  Evaluations are done by daily assignments and the final project for each student. Students will learn all the parts of a story and some examples in class and then they will take what they have learned and put it into their assignments. 

Day 1- Introduction, Parts of a story, and Assignment

Day 2- Characters, why are they important? Assignment

Day 3- Introduction and Setting- What makes a great setting? Plot, conflict, and resolutions.  Assignment

Day 4- Wrap-up of a story. Assignment

Day 5- Final project- Your final story to be turned in. And we will go over writing tips and tricks for those students who would like to be writers in  real world. And of course, you are welcome to share your work in class! 





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