Drama Class Day 1

Today, we had so much fun in our first Drama class. We started to talk about the play, stage, and acting. Children called our drama group “The Drama Tigers” – which shows how excited they already are. We then talked about how important it is to participate in every group activity and be a great team player. After introducing ourselves to each other, we moved on pretending to be in different moods and introduced ourselves in different ways (like being sad about something).

In the next step, we brainstormed a creative story, and EVERYONE participated in making up the story. It was great to see how children got excited to bring up their own characters to the story. We spent a lot of our time to make sure that the story makes sense to all of us. We also picked some titles for our story, but we haven’t decided yet. These are the names that our friends have picked:

Thomas: The Wizard Curse
Neel: The Haunted Palace
Lukas: The Golden Key
Ted: Luka and James Adventures
Nathan: The Magical Wand
Zachary: Luka and James and the Magical Land
Charles: Still thinking about it ( He will let us know tomorrow)


Children already picked their characters for the play but we will make the final decision tomorrow. Please enjoy reading your awesome children's made up story. Happy reading

Luka and James were walking through a big forest. The rain was getting faster. Luka was holding his brother’s hand while James was holding his new art book.

James: Do you think we lost Luka?
Luka: Don’t be silly, of course not. Look, how beautiful this path is
James: I think we should get back. Daddy will look for us.

Luka: OK, We will. But look! What’s that in that corner?
James: Where?
Luka: Right there. Just a bit further. see I think it’s a book
James: Oh yeah it’s a book
Luka: I got it. It’s a strange book . Let’s open it.

As soon as Luka opened the book they both saw that the book lit up with a strange sound.
James: Wow look at the book. It lit up . Let’s look at it.
They both looked inside of the book and suddenly they sucked in the book with another strange sound.

Shortly Luka and James found themselves in a haunted house.There were two skeleton guards. The guards came toward them and said

Skeleton 1: Hey Look, we have new guests.
Skeleton 2: Haha, King Creeper wouldn’t be happy. What should we do with them ?
Skeleton 1: Who are you ?
Skeleton 2: What are your names?

Luka: We are not supposed to talk to strangers.
James: Luka we are in big trouble. don’t say your name

Skeleton 1: You know where you are. I’m sure you don’t know.
Skeleton2: Do you know King Creeper ?

Luka and James Looked at each other and said: Omg, King Creeper!!!!!
Skeleton 1: Yes, King creeper, friends!
Skeleton 2: Let’s take you two to him

The guard took Luka and James to a big room and asked them to wait till the king came in.

King Creeper walked in and sat on his royal chair.

Skeletons: Your majesty, we found these two in our palace.

King Creeper: Hahaha New guests, and again human beings. How are you today?

Luka and James looked at each other and didn’t answer.

King Creeper: Are you both deaf? I asked you how you were doing?
James: Luka, I’m scared. I want to go back home. ( He started to cry)

Luka: James we are going home very soon
Skeletons looked at each other and laughed.

King Creeper: You are going home? Oh yeah, You will, but before that you should go to my jail. because you came to my palace without my permission. Everyone knows that is not OK.
James: This is not a palace, this looks like a haunted house.
Luka: SHHHHHHHHH, James!

King Creeper: Whatever you call it. Hey my awesome guards!!!!
Two skeletons: Yes, our majesty!!!
King Creeper: Take these two to the jail and keep them there until they learn a great lesson.

Luka and James:Oh no, You can’t do this. Leave us alone!!!!

The guards took the brothers to jail. Luka and James got so scared. They started to look all around the jail to see if they could find something to escape.
Suddenly Luka found a hole in one of the walls.

Luka: Hey James, stop crying. I found a hole.
James started to wipe away his tears. What is that Luka? Can we go home finally ?

Luka: I think there is something behind that wall. Look there is something.

Luka put his hand inside the hole again and this time he felt something

Someone behind the wall? :Hey let me go. Leave my tail.
James: Who are you.?
Luka: I won’t leave your tail. Come to this side of the wall. We need some help.

Suddenly a mouse came out of the hole.
Mouse: Hello, omg you almost cut off my tail. What are you guys doing here? This is a jail.

James: Hello Mr. Mouse. We know this is a jail. Can you help us to go out? We don’t belong here.
Mouse: Of course you two don’t belong here. It used to be a big beautiful palace here.

Luka: Beautiful Palace? Where is the queen then?

Mouse: Oh yeah you are right. There was a beautiful queen here who was living with the king. but she already ran out.
James: Of course who can live with this mean creepy king?

Mouse: Oh no the king was not like this before. He was a very good King. He loved everyone.
Luka: Then what happened?
Mouse: A wizard!!!
Luka and James: A WIZARD????!!!!!!!
Mouse: Yes, a wizard. A very mean wizard came to the palace and changed everything to creepy things. He changed the king to king creepy and that’s why the queen ran out.
Luka: Can we find the wizard?
Mouse: Oh yeah. I know where he lives, but first I have to take you out of this jail. We need to wait till night.

That night, the mouse came out of his hole and very gently moved toward the skeleton guys. The keys were inside of their pockets. He took the key and ran to the jail quickly. Both Luka and James were waiting for him. They opened the door and followed the mouse all the way to a small room. The wizard was sitting on a chair while he was looking at a book.

Mouse: Ok you two look at that book the wizard is reading. That is a magic spell book.
Luka: So what should we do ?
Mouse: You need to turn pages and find the magic word in that book. The witch doesn’t know that it is the magic spell book
James: But how can we get that book?
Luka: James Look at your book. Your art book.
James: What do you mean?
Mouse: You guys have a book. Thats awesome you can trade your book with him. Lets go knock the door

They knocked on the door three times. The Wizard answered with a welcoming voice.
Wizard: Who’s there? Please come into my beautiful room.
The boys came to the room very carefully and the mouse was hidden next to the door.
Wizard: Ha Ha Ha. Look what we have here. two human beings. Does our awesome king Know that you are here?
James: Yes, he does. He put us in the ………
Luka: SHHHHH James. He continued: Ok Mr. Wizard, my brother meant to say that we already have met the king.

Mouse: hey you two! Try to take that spell book!
James: Mr Wizard, I wanna show my book to you. This is a great art book. Do you want to take a look?
Wizard: haha of course. I love art books
Wizard took his book down and started to look at James’ art book.
Mouse: Ok Ok Luka, James, take the spell book and hurry up.
James hid the spell book under his clothes and while the wizard was looking at the art book they sneaked out the door.

They all started to run quickly till they found a safe spot
Mouse: OK OK wait we can stop here and find the magic word. Hurry up
Luka opened the book and turned the pages. One of the pages lit up and Luka screamed
and another page lit up and Luka said
James: GOLD, that’s the word,” GOLD”
Mouse: OK, we found the word. Let’s go to the haunted house and write the word on the gate.
They all ran out to the haunted house. Mouse found a burned acorn on the ground and asked James to write the word on the gate
The gate lit up and a golden key came out next to the gate. Luka took the key and opened the gate,

Suddenly the haunted house changed to a very beautiful palace and the king changed to a handsome king. The wizard started to scream and said “I’ll be back again.”You tricked me.

Mouse: Good job brothers, You fixed everything and now this is your path . You should step out of this gate and you will find the forest.
James: Thank you Mr. Mouse, You saved us
Luka: Thank you Mr. Mouse
King came to them and said. Thank you all. I’m sure my queen will get back to me soon.
Luka and james stepped out of the gate and they found themselves in the forest again

James: Hurry up, Luka, I’m sure Daddy is worried about us
Ok, lets go