Drama Class Day 2

On the second day of our drama camp the “Drama Tigers” focused on making some parts of the stage. We used cardboards/colorful paper pieces and glue to make the collage trees and sun 😊

We reviewed the script one more time and made some changes to it. Now everyone is familiar with their own dialogues. Children then started to practice their roles. Everyone had so much fun with the story which was made with contributions from all of them. Tomorrow we will be working on some other parts of our stage and doing more practice. 

Final Script - Golden Key

First sound effect 

walking in the forest under the rain 

Narrator ( Teacher Samare) Luka and James were walking through a big forest. The rain was getting faster. Luka was holding his brother’s hand while James was holding his new art book. 

James: Do you think we lost Luka?  zachary 

Luka: Don’t be silly, of course not. Look, how beautiful this path is. Kevin 

James: I think we should get back. Daddy will look for us.zachary 

Luka: OK, We will. But look! What’s that in that corner?Kevin 

James: Where? Zachary 

Luka: Right there. Just a bit further. see I think it’s a book Kevin 

James: Oh yeah it’s a bookzachary 

Luka: I got it. It’s a strange book . Let’s open it. Kevin 

Narrator: Teacher Samare As soon as Luka opened the book they both saw that the book lit up with a strange sound. 

Strange sound effect 

James: Wow look at the book. It lit up . Let’s look at it. Zachary 

Narrator ( Teacher Samare)They both looked inside of the book and suddenly they sucked in the book with another strange sound.

Strange sound effect 

Narrator (Teacher Samare) Shortly Luka and James found themselves in a haunted house.One Skeleton guard came to them and said 

Skeleton : Hey Look, we have new guests. King Creeper wouldn’t be happy to see you guys. Who are you ? What are your names? Charles

James:  We are not supposed to talk to strangers. Zachary 

Luka and James Looked at each other and said: Omg, King Creeper!!!!! Kevin and Zachary 

Skeleton : Yes, King creeper, I’ll take you two to him. Charles

Narrator Teacher Samare The guard took Luka and James to a  room and asked them to wait till the king came in.

King Creeper walking 

Royal sound effect 

King Creeper walked in and sat on his royal chair. 

Skeletons: Your majesty, we found these two in our palace. Charles

King Creeper: Hahaha New guests, and again human beings. How are you today? Neal 

Luka and James looked at each other and didn’t answer.

King Creeper: Are you both deaf? I asked you how you were doing?Neal 

James: Luka, I’m scared. I want to go back home. ( He started to cry) Zachary 

Luka: James we are going home very soon Kevin 

Skeleton laughed Hahaha  Charles

King Creeper: You are going home, but before that you should go to my jail. because you came to my palace without my permission. Neal  

James: This is not a palace, this looks like a haunted house. Zachary 

Luka: SHHHHHHHHH, James! Kevin

King Creeper Hey gourd! Neal 

Skeleton Two: Yes, our majesty!!! Charles 

King Creeper: Take these two to the jail and keep them there Neal 

Luka and James:Oh no, You can’t do this. Leave us alone!!!! Kevin and Zachary 

Narrator Teacher Samare The guards took the brothers to the jail. Luka and James got so scared. They started to look all around the jail to see if they could find something to escape. 

Suddenly Luka found a hole in one of the walls. 

James:  Hey Luka , I found a hole. Zachary 

James put his hand in the hole. He felt something behind the hole 

James:L: I think there is something behind that wall.Zachary 

Mouse ? :Hey let me go. Leave my tail.

James: Who are you.? I wont leave your tail. Come to this side of the wall. We need some help Zachary 

Suddenly a mouse came out of the hole.

Mouse: Hello, omg you almost cut off my tail. What are you guys doing here? This is a jail. Nathan 

Luka and James:Hello Mr. Mouse. Kevin and Zachary 

James:  We know this is a jail. Can you help us to go out? We don’t belong here. Zachary 

Mouse: Of course you two don’t belong here. It used to be a big beautiful palace here. Nathan 

Luka: Beautiful Palace? Where is the queen then? Kevin 

Mouse: Oh yeah you are right. There was a beautiful queen here who was living with the king. but she already ran out. Nathan 

James: Of course who can live with this mean creepy king? Zachary 

Mouse: Oh no the king was not like this before. He was a very good King. He loved everyone. Nathan 

James: Then what happened? Zachary 

Mouse: A wizard!!!  Nathan 

Luka and James: A WIZARD????!!!!!!! Kevin and Zachary 

Mouse: Yes, a wizard. A very mean wizard came to the palace and changed everything to creepy things. He changed the king to king creepy and that’s why the queen ran out. Nathan 

Mouse:  know where he lives, but first I have to take you out of this jail. We need to wait till night.Nathan 

Night sound effect 

Narrator Teacher Samare That night, the mouse came out of his hole and very gently moved toward the skeleton guy. The keys were inside of his pocket. He took the key and ran to the jail quickly. Both Luka and James were waiting for him. They opened the door 

and  followed the mouse all the way to a small room. The wizard was sitting on a chair while he was looking at a book. Thomas

Mouse: Ok you two look at that book the wizard is reading. That is a magic spell book. Nathan 

Mouse You need to turn pages and find the magic word in that book. 

Luka and James knocked the door three times 

The wizard: Who is there? come in to my beautiful room Thomas 

The boys came to the room very carefully and the mouse was hidden next to the door.

James and Kevin : Hello Mr. Wizard    Zachary and Kevin 

Wizard: Ha Ha Ha. Look what we have here. two human beings. Does our awesome king Know that you are here? Thomas

James: Yes, he does. He put us in the ………Zachary 

Luka: SHHHHH James.Kevin 

James: Mr. Wizard. Do you wanna take a look at my book ? Zachary

Wizard: haha of course. I love art books Thomas 

Wizard took his book down and started to look at James’ art book. 

 Mouse: Ok Ok Luka, James, take the spell book and hurry up. Nathan 

Narrator Teacher Samare James hid the spell book under his clothes and while the wizard  was looking at the art book they sneaked out the door.

They all started to run quickly till they found a safe spot 

sound effect 

Mouse: OK OK wait we can stop here and find the magic word. Hurry up

James opened the book and turned the pages. One of the pages lit up and James and luka screamed  


and another  page lit up and they both said 

Zachary and Kevin 

  “GOLD”, that’s the word,

Mouse: OK,  we found the word. Let’s Write the word on the gate. Nathan 

Narrator Teacher Samare  Mouse found a burned acorn on the ground and asked Luka  to write the word on the gate 

Sound Effect 

Luka and James both said 




Kevin and Zachary 

Narrator Teacher Samare  As soon as Luka wrote down the word on the gate a golden key came out next to the gate. Luka took the key and opened the gate,

Luka opened the gate Kevin 

Narrator Teacher Samare Suddenly the haunted house changed to a very beautiful palace and the king Creeper  changed to a handsome king. The wizard started to scream and said “I’ll be back again.”You tricked me. Thomas 

Mouse: Good job brothers, You fixed everything and now this is your path . You should step out of this gate and you will find the forest. Nathan 

James and Luka Thank you Mr. Mouse, You saved us Zachary and Kevin 

The King and the Skeleton came to them and said, Thank you all. Neal and Charles 

King said the queen will get back to me soon. Neal 

Luka and james stepped out of the gate and they found themselves in the forest again

James: Hurry up, Luka, I’m sure Daddy is worried about us Zachary 

Luka Ok, let’s go Kevin