Ustar Emotional Intelligence Program Intro


Have you ever thought, “Maybe I’m just not good at math” or “I am just too nervous to speak in front of class” or “I don’t know how to stay focused in class”

Ustar emotional intelligence course is carefully designed to help kids change the way they think and become better learners at school and achieve anything they want to.

In here, kids will learn to train their brains and start the belief that as long as you are willing to work through challenges and keep going when things get tough, you can achieve pretty much anything!

Course Breakdown: 6 units and 30 lessons

Age Group: Grade 1 and up

Class time: 1 hour

Unit 1 What Does It Mean?

Lesson 1 Mindset Quiz
Lesson 2 What Kind of Mindset is this? (Be kind to your brain.)
Lesson 3 The Oops feeling and Drawing in the Dark
Lesson 4 All Shapes and Sizes

Unit 2 Awesome Mistakes

Lesson 5 What Went Wrong and Accepting the Responsibility
Lesson 6 You Are The Expert and Flip the Slip
Lesson 7 My Mistake Plan
Lesson 8 If I Ever Made a Mistake and Say What?
Lesson 9 Dear Mistake…
Lesson 10 Positive Affirmations and Keep on Rolling

Unit 3 Being an Amazing Problem Solver

Lesson 11 My Problem Plan and More Than One Solution
Lesson 12 Advice for a Friend
Lesson 13 Feedback Mindset and Think, Restate, Thank, Decide
Lesson 14 Better Today and Look How I’ve Grown
Lesson 15 A-Maze-ing Improvement
Lesson 16 What Challenges me and Learn to Love It
Lesson 17 Things I can’t do yet-You are Right!

Unit 4 Get Creative and Keep Trying

Lesson 18 Draw Outside the box-Silly Solutions
Lesson 19 Let’s Do It Again and Again-To My Friend Who doesn’t Practice
Lesson 20 Think Before you Plan-Break It Down
Lesson 21 Saying is Believing

Unit 5 Set Goal, and Then Set More Goals

Lesson 22 A World Without Goals-My Goal Selfie
Lesson 23 Knowledge is Power
Lesson 24 Move your Goal Post and Dream Bigger

Unit 6 Keep Going

Lesson 25 Dear Me Don’t Give up- Here’s Why I’m Awesome!
Lesson 26 My Mantra-Who Can Help?
Lesson 27 Check Out My Questions
Lesson 28 Fill my Brain and Stretch your Mindset
Lesson 29 3,2 Wonder
Lesson 30 Look How Far You’ve Come!