English Language ART

K-1st grade

This K-1st grade ELA (English Language Art) curriculum helps K-first graders focus on becoming reading & writing experts while preparing them for the next grade level. Students will learn the foundational reading skills of word recognition, vocabulary, transitional words, paragraph organization, basic comprehension skills, and reading strategies. They will also learn fundamental composition skills such as spelling, capitalization, sentence structures, punctuation, formatting, purposefully shaping, and controlling language, which will prepare them for school tests and exams.

What you’ll learn?
-Phonics and phonemic awareness
-Spelling skills
-Applying word analysis skills
-Reading comprehension skills
-Fundamental composition skills
-Writing skills

Course Details
ELA K-G1 total 5 modules. Each module has 20 lessons. Module 1 is for K-K Advanced, Module 2 is for K Advanced-G1, Module 3 is for G1, Module 4 is for G1-G1Advanced, Module 5 is for G2.