Course Intro

What you’ll learn?

  • Phonics and phonemic awareness

  • Spelling skills

  • Applying word analysis skills

  • Reading comprehension skills

  • Fundamental composition skills

  • Writing skills

Course Details

ELA K-G1 total 5 modules. Each module has 20 lessons. Module 1 is for K-K Advanced, Module 2 is for Advanced-G1, Module 3 is for G1, Module 4 is for G1-G1 Advanced, Module 5 is for G1 Advanced.

Module I – 20 lessons


★ Ending consonants, consonant blends (fl,fr,gr,sl,sp,ch,sk,cl,pr,dr,str,cr,bl, pl)

★ consonant digraph(wh,th,sh,ph,kn,wr,tch,ss).

★ Long vowels, short vowels, vowel blends (oa, ai, ue,oo,ie, ee,ui)

★ phonemes( write words phonetically, unscramble the letters, spell phonetically with digraphs)


★ Practice words (animal words, color words, direction words, The five senses words, holiday words, math words, music words, people words, position words, season words, size words, time words)

★ Sight words ( Kindergarten to first grade standardized list)

★ Compound words

★ Synonyms and Antonyms (Kindergarten to first grade standardized list)

★ Plural words ( Kindergarten to first grade standardized list)

★ Homonyms ( Kindergarten to first grade standardized list) READING

★ 12 stories- Fiction story Range (38-84 words)

★ 120 sentences- Sentence reading and Riddles

★ 12 stories-Specific comprehension skill reading

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