Course Intro

What you’ll learn?

  • Phonics and phonemic awareness

  • Spelling skills

  • Applying word analysis skills

  • Reading comprehension skills

  • Fundamental composition skills

  • Writing skills

Course Details

ELA K-G1 total 5 modules. Each module has 20 lessons. Module 1 is for K-K Advanced, Module 2 is for Advanced-G1, Module 3 is for G1, Module 4 is for G1-G1 Advanced, Module 5 is for G1 Advanced.

Module II -20 lessons


★ 24 stories- Fiction, Non-fiction, Poem reading. Range (80-200 words)

★ 12 stories-Historical Reading. Range (70-200 words)

★ 45 stories- Specific comprehension skill reading-

★ Compare and contrast: recognize when things are “alike” or “different”

★ Main ideas: what is the picture or story mostly about?

★ Sequencing: put the events in order

★ Story elements: introducing character, setting, plot and endings

★ Drawing conclusions: practice “figuring things out yourself”

★ Cause and effect: linking cause and effect

★ Fact vs fiction: recognizing the difference between reality and fantasy

★ Prediction: guessing what will come next

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