Course Intro

What you’ll learn?

  • Phonics and phonemic awareness

  • Spelling skills

  • Applying word analysis skills

  • Reading comprehension skills

  • Fundamental composition skills

  • Writing skills

Course Details

ELA K-G1 total 5 modules. Each module has 20 lessons. Module 1 is for K-K Advanced, Module 2 is for Advanced-G1, Module 3 is for G1, Module 4 is for G1-G1 Advanced, Module 5 is for G1 Advanced.


Module III 20 lessons


★ The meanings of words
Match pictures to words: circle the picture that has the same meaning as its word
Match and write words: circle the correct word and write it on the line

Definitions: choose the correct definition for each word
Context clues: figure out the meaning of the words using cross sentence clues
Categorize: sort words into categories
Words in groups: cross out the wrong word

★ Sentences
Sentences: write the correct word to complete the sentence
Match sentences to pictures: draw lines from the sentences to their pictures

★ Homonyms, homophones and word usage
Multiple meaning words: identify the homonyms
Homophones: write the correct sound-alike words to complete each sentence
To, too or two?
Am, is or are?
I or me?

★ Word lists
Word search: circle the hidden words
Hidden letters: write the correct letter in the space for each word
Jumbled words: figure out the jumbled words and write them out
Missing letters: fill in the missing letter to complete each word
Picture crosswords: crosswords with picture clues

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