English writing trial class 2

Official Class Information

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What you will learn?

  • Learn how to write their personal stories (narrative writing) by focusing on specific areas

  • Learn expository/informative writing

  • Learn opinion/persuasive writing

  • Word strategy skills

  • Confidence and experience with different writing styles

Ustar English Reading & Writing Teachers

Ms. Stella

Ms. Stella holds an English Bachelor degree and a Master of Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has been working at elementary and middle school as an English Language Arts teacher since 2017. She has taught 1st-3rd and 6th graders reading and writing for literature and informational texts.

Her teaching philosophy is to see to every student’s unique needs and demands. She likes to use wide range of formative and summative class activities to closely monitor students’ growth. In 2017-2018, she worked with 22% on-grade-level students at the beginning of the school year. By the end of the year, the End Of Grade Exam data have shown that 64% of her students have achieved on/above grade level.

Ms. Saima

Mrs. Saima holds bachelor’s degree in Education and dual bachelor’s degree in Science. She has taught English to children for 16 years. Currently, she is working as an online English instructor, teaching kids aged 4- 14 years.

She loves teaching and watching the young minds shape and mold into wonderful readers and writers. Her job as a facilitator is to develop enriching, engaging lessons that stretch the thinking of all my young students.

Mr. James

Mr. James has been teaching English at middle school, high school and College for more than 10 years. He currently holds a Master of Fine Arts in genre writing, Bachelor degrees in both English and Philosophy as well as an associates degree in Electronics. He is half way through a masters in English Literature. He is currently a College instructor of English Composition.

He has taught College level Composition, Creative writing, and Speech for the last six years. He has also taught English 6th-12th grade students at public schools. This includes Media, journalism, computer skills, creative writing and college prep. He also worked as an online and in person tutor at the University of Colorado. He is also a writer and editor for the American Red Cross Colorado Chapter.

Ms. Benno

Ms. Benno is an experienced English teacher for public school in Texas, and a Digital Literacy Coach.  She has taught literacy through reading and writing for over 20 years. She has served on the Discovery Education Texas State Leadership Council and been a Discovery Star Educator since 2010.

She is also a Google Certified Educator and a Seesaw and Fablevision Ambassador.   She speaks all over the state teaching teachers how to integrate technology in their classrooms. She was recently named Instructional Technology Specialist of the year for the state of Texas by TCEA.