Message to Parents:

This is a non-profit program hosted by Ustar Education and MVRT/Homestead Robotics team.

FLL is the first step to the FIRST experience, as teams of middle school and elementary aged students embark on their FRC journey of building LEGO robots and taking those robots to competition to have a chance to go to championships. FLL gives a brief introduction to robotics, and allows the students to use both sensors and block programming to build robots that interact with their environment. FLL is a great experience for students that includes teamwork, leadership and is very fun! Students would attend competitions, workshops to build their skills, and meet 3 hours each week to work on their robot. 


  • Teams are expected to meet and work together once a week for 3 hours.
  • Ustar staff will monitor the students while the  MVRT/Homestead Robotics members and Ustar coach will educate and lead the students. 
  • Students will have the option to attend a FLL Workshop taught by MVRT/Homestead Robotics members or Ustar coach that will cover the skills needed to solve the challenge. 
  • Meetings will continue until each team completes its competitions
  • Qualifying registration competitions will occur in November 
  • Depending on the team’s performance they will proceed to the NorCal Championships

Ustar FLL Challenge Team: $580

Cost includes: Competition Team Registration,LEGO Spike Prime Kit,Challenge Set,NorCal Competition Registration,Classroom and equipment rent

Ustar FLL Essential Team: $550

Cost includes: FLL Essential Team Registration,LEGO Spike Explorer Kit, Mat, Classroom and equipment rent

Donate: Parents are welcome to donate, all donation will send to MVRT/Homestead Robotics.

Time Period

August – November  (15-17 weeks, depends on the coach schedule)


Maximum 10 students in one team.

About Ustar Education

We began with a vision of providing exceptional Online tutoring services  to all students. We believe that education is the foundation upon which all our futures are built, and every day we seek to make that future brighter for all of us.USTAR Education is an innovative tutoring center seeking to bring a unique and strategic approach to achieve fast results.

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At USTAR we strive to:

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  • Foster a greater appreciation of how things work
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The programs at USTAR use a combination of activity, project, and problem-based teaching to engage students as they learn to solve problems, conduct research, analyze data, and learn through working with professionals.


We are committed to the philosophy that the child must be placed at the center of learning, actively acquiring skills needed to think clearly, communicate effectively to make sound decisions and to discriminate among values.

USTAR is committed to providing the highest quality education for all in an environment that cares for our students, staff, and parents.

This commitment is demonstrated by encouraging students to:

  • Reach their full academic, social, and physical potential in a fair, positive and consistent environment.
  • Display a commitment to improving their learning outcomes.
  • Develop a sense of self-discipline in their work and their play.
  • Develop a good understanding of all key-learning areas, particularly literacy and numeracy.
  • Develop in students, qualities, and life skills such as responsibility, communication, independence, inquiring minds, problem solving, team skills and creativity.
  • Prepare students for their next stages of learning by building on their strengths and experiences.