Level 1

“Introduce Yourself” Cartoon
Courses 1-10 Planning (adjustable according to students’ learning progress)


15 Lessons


Course 0: “Introduce yourself “and French alphabet song

Course 1: Hello, goodbye, thank you I am…. French alphabet

Course 2: What is your name? How are you? Emotions, Colors

Course 3: Review and Singing Class

Course 4: What do we play? Play activities Numbers

Course 5: What day is it? Days of the week

Course 6: What do you want to do?Sport activities

Course 7: What do you like? Artistic activities

Course 8: Review and Singing Class

Course 9: How old are you? Happy Birthday! Birthday party

Course 10: Are you hungry and thirsty?Foods and Drinks

Course 11: Review and Singing Class

Course 12:Who is it? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Family members

Course 13: How is he/she? Personal traits

Course 14: Where do you live? House, animals

Course 15: Review and Singing Class