Beginner Level

Objectives: listen, speak and read basic French

Teaching tools: emphasis is given on interactive conversations. Course materials include PPT course content, audios, videos, songs and homework.

Textbook reference: Passe Passe 1, DELF level A1.1 Class #30, introduction to Passe Passe 2

Beginner Level

30 Lessons

Courses  Syllabus

Course 0: Hello, goodbye I am….
Course 1: What is your name? How are you?
Course 2: What is it?
Course 3: Do you have…?
Course 4: Review and singing activities
Course 5: Do you want to …?
Course 6: What day is it? 
Course 7: Do you like to …?
Course 8: I love/hate to do …?
Course 9: Review and singing activities
Course 10: How old are you?
Course 11: What’s there?
Course 12: Are you hungry or thirsty?
Course 13: What do we do?
Course 14: Review and singing activities
Course 15: Who is he/she?
Course 16: How many …?
Course 17: How is he/she?
Course 18: Where do you live?
Course 19: Review and singing activities
Course 20: What do you have?
Course 21: Where does it hurt?
Course 22: Describe the robot!
Course 23: Tell the robot!
Course 24: Tell the robot!
Course 25: Where are you going?
Course 26: How is the weather?
Course 27: What do I wear today?
Course 28: Where is it?
Course 29: Review and singing activities
Course 30: Where are you from? Which languages do you speak?