Ustar Gifted and Talented Prep G1 Program COGAT

We are striving to provide excellent training to students who want to challenge the Gifted and Talented Program. Our COGAT prep guarantees students to prepare all three tested categories which include cognitive abilities, reasoning skills, and problem-solving aptitude in the most efficient way. Our course is carefully designed to help students master the theory behind each question as well as test taking skills.

Course structure:  2 units and 18 lessons total

Lesson length: 40 minutes

Students level: Grade 1

Material: Notebook, pencil, eraser, and listening ears

Unit 1 Workbook

Lesson1 Skill Builders and Picture Analogies

Lesson 2 Figure Analogies, Picture Classification

Lesson 3 Figure Classification and Sentence Completion

Lesson 5  Paper Folding Puzzles

Lesson 6  Abacus and Train Activity

Lesson 7 Number Analogies

Unit 2 Practice 155 Questions

Lesson 8  Practice Q1-15

Lesson 9 Practice Q 16- 21

Lesson 10 Practice Q 22-37

Lesson 11 Practice Q 38-53

Lesson 12 Practice Q 54-69

Lesson 13 Practice Q 70-85

Lesson 14 Practice Q 86-101

Lesson 15 Practice Q 102-117

Lesson 16 Practice Q 118-127

Lesson 17 Practice Q 128- 140

Lesson 18 Practice Q 141-155