Grade 1 Plants Worksheets

Grade 1 Plants Worksheets

Plants: all about living things and plants

These grade 1 science worksheets focus on the properties and needs of plants, including the plant life cycle and how plants adapt to their environment.

Living things

Living things

Identify living things vs non living things

Identify the living things

Plant, animal or thing?

Classify objects as plants, animals or non-living things

Plant or animal?


Parts of a plant

Identify the parts of a plant and a tree

Identify plant parts


Identify seeds in fruits and vegetables

Identify seeds in fruits and vegetables

Needs of plants

Review what plants need to grow

Identify needs of plants to grow

Plant life cycles

Order the steps of a plants life cycle

Identify steps of plant life cycle

How plants adapt

Learn how cacti and water lilies adapt

Learn how plants adapt


Sample Grade 1 Plants Worksheet