Ustar Grammar Program Grade 2+

This program is designed for students to learn above and beyond the grade-level required grammar, usage, and mechanics language skills. Each lesson is a combination of structured explanation and intensive lesson exercises.

Total of 120 lessons that are divided into 3 modules with each phase of 40 lessons.

Module 1

Lesson 1  Page 1-3.

Highlight: Sentence Fragments A,B,C ,

Lesson 2 Page 4-6

Highlight:  subjects and predicates,simple and complete subjects,

 Lesson 3 Page 7-9

Highlight:  verb phrases, complete and simple subjects and predicates

Lesson 4 Page 10-12

Highlight: Compound subjects and verbs,


Lesson 5: Page 13-14

Highlight: subjects and verbs A,B

Lesson 6: Page 15-16

Highlight: classifying sentences by purpose A,B 

Lesson 7: Page 17-20

Highlight: chapter review A,B,C,D,

Lesson 8: Page 21-25

Highlight: common, abstract, and collective nouns, compound nouns

Lesson 9: Page 26-28

Highlight:  personal, reflective, and intensive pronouns

Lesson 10: Page 29-30

Highlight: indefinite and interrogative pronouns

Lesson 11: Page 31-34

Highlight: adjectives and articles

Lesson 12: Page 35-37

Highlight: chapter review A,B,C

Lesson 13 Page 38-40

Highlight: helping verbs and main verbs

Lesson 14 Page 41-42

Highlight: transitive and intransitive verbs

Lesson 15 Page 43-44

Highlight: identifying verb phrases A.B

Lesson 16 Page 45-47

Highlight: adverb VS adjective

Lesson 17 Page 48-50

Highlight: prepositions and prepositional phrases

Lesson 18 Page 51-52

Highlight: conjunction A and B

Lesson 19 Page 53-54

Highlight: the interjection, determining parts of speech

Lesson 20: Page 55-57

Highlight: chapter review A.B.C.

Lesson 21: Page 58-62

Highlight: direct objects and indirect objects

Lesson 22: Page 63-65

Highlight: predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives

Lesson 23: Page 66-67

Highlight: subject elements

Lesson 24: Page 68-70

Highlight: chapter review A,B,C

Lesson 25: Page 71-73

Highlight: prepositional phrases

Lesson 26: Page 74-76

Highlight: adjective and adverb phrases A,B

Lesson 27: Page 77-78

Highlight: the participle

Lesson 28: Page 79-80

  Highlight: the participle phrases

Lesson 29: P.81-82

Highlight: the gerunds

Lesson 30: P.83-85

Highlight: the gerunds phrases. Gerunds VS participles

Lesson 31: P. 86-87

Highlight: the infinitive and phrases

Lesson 32: P. 88-90

Highlight: verbals and verbal phrases

Lesson 33: P.91-92

Highlight: appositives

Lesson 34: P.93-94

Highlight: appositive phrases A,B

Lesson 35 P.95-97

Highlight: chapter review A,B,C

Lesson 36 P. 98-101

Highlight: independent and subordinate clauses

Lesson 37: P. 102-103

Highlight: adjective clauses

Lesson 38: P. 104-106

Highlight: subordinating conjunctions

Lesson 39: P.107-110

Highlight:noun clause

Lesson 40: P.111-113

Highlight: chapter review A,B,C 

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