Ustar Little Shiners

Enrichment classes for young kids ( Age 3 -5 )

10+years experienced teacher ( Ms. Samare )

≤ 8kids in small classes 

We are passionate about bringing the best curriculum to cover the essential skills for young children. Our classes will focus on different areas of social and emotional—fine/gross motor skills and cognitive development in children from a very early age.


Emotional intelligence Booster:

Each class children get the opportunity to talk about their feelings, learn how to manage their emotions and understand the feelings of people around them. During the class, children will enjoy watching puppet shows and reading books while indirectly improving their social and emotional development.

STEM workshop:  

Children will enhance their cognitive development by answering open-ended questions and testing their hypotheses in our learning/ fun classes—the best opportunity to learn the basic concepts of Science and Engineering at an early age.

 Language Art, Phonics:

Children learn about letters and phonics through Oxford’s excellent phonics curriculum. 

Kindergarten Math Preparation:

We help your children to reach their academic potential. Children learn basic math concepts and prepare for kindergarten through fun math games and activities.

Make your book:

Young children boost their creativity and imagination by making their own stories, drawing their characters, and making books.


Our precoding classes for young children offer experiences integrating communication, thinking, and problem-solving.

Class Schedule

  • Emotional intelligence Booster: Tuesday 9-10 am & 1-2pm, Wednesday 1-2pm, Thursday 9-10am. ( No class on 11/21, 11/23 )
  • STEM workshop: Mondays & Fridays 11-12 pm and 1-2 pm. ( No class on 11/24 )
  • Language Art, Phonics: Wednesday & Friday 10-11 am. ( No class on 11/22, 11/24 )
  • Kindergarten Math Preparation: Mondays 9-10 am & 10-11am, Friday 9-10am (No class on 11/24 )
  • Make your book: Tuesday 10-11am, Wednesday 9-10am & 11am-12pm. ( No class on 11/21, 11/23 )
  • Coding/Robotics: Tuesday 11-12 pm, Thursday 11-12pm & 1-2 pm. ( No class on 11/23 )

Tuition Fees:

One subject has 8 classes, tuition fees is $300. ( Get 5% off when register for more than 2 subjects.)


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Science STEM Teacher

Teacher Samare is Ustar’s STEM Instructor and Site Manager. She holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and a site supervisor Permit In Early Childhood Education. She also is a Cognitive Specialist. Teacher Samare has worked as an Early Childhood educator/ STEM and Cognitive Specialist for over nine years in the Stanford University campus, JCC Los Gatos, and Children’s House of Los Altos. She is also teaching Drama classes to young children. Teacher Samare is a children’s advocate. She is passionate about working with children, and teaching is her mission.


English Teacher

Over 12 years of teaching experience Ms.Niloofar is a multilingual instructor who taught English and French ,Turkish, Farsi to students in international schools and college. She has PHD degree teaching foreign language from California state university Sanjose and Cambridge TEFL teaching French and English as second language Ms Niloo is a skilled teaching of English language and literature.



• 中国古代文学学术硕士
• 从事多年IB全科班主任
• 丰富的海外中文课程经验
• 擅长主题探究式中文学习
• 以学生为中心的教学模式
• 精通普通话课程与教学技术

Mr. Richard

English / Science History Teacher

Teacher Richard earned his BA in English Language and Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University in 2000. He has 10+ years teaching experience, taught English , science, history to students of all ages, from preschool to university to mature adult levels. Richard uses humor to promote a joyful and unselfconscious learning atmosphere. He understands that making mistakes and getting stuck are part of the learning process.

1340 S De Anza Blvd suite 104, San Jose, CA 95129

1 (408) 352-5488