Young Makers: Exploring Creativity in the Maker Space

This hands-on course is tailored for elementary students eager to unleash their creativity in a maker space. Through interactive and age-appropriate activities, participants will explore the world of making, foster teamwork, and develop basic skills using various tools and materials. The course aims to spark curiosity and cultivate a love for innovation in our young makers.

Age: TK to 5th grade

Session 1
Introduction to Making Magic

- Drawing and sketching ideas for individual work

- Discovering everyday materials for making Creating art from recycled items

- Hands-on crafting with simple materials Your thoughts, your design (part 1 individual work )

- Your thoughts, your design (part 2 individual work)

- Finish up your project

- Talk about your project

Session 2
Imagine and Create

- Individual project 2 sketching

- Individual project

- Finish up your project

- Spaghetti/ toothpick projects

- Building Bridge 1 (group project)

- Building Bridge 2 (group project)

- Talk about your project

- Lego zipline (individual, group project)

- Designing a circuit

By the end of this course, elementary students will have cultivated a sense of wonder and creativity, developed basic making skills, and gained exposure to various tools and materials in a safe and supportive environment. The course encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and a positive attitude toward exploration and innovation.

Note: The specific projects each week may change based on the available materials and the students’ actual interests, allowing for a more personalized and dynamic learning experience.

Refund Policy

Following the first training session, you have a three-day period to request a prorated refund by submitting a written document. However, it’s important to be aware that after three days from the first training session, the payment becomes non-refundable, and no further refunds will be issued.