Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


Students will learn about fictional elements including opening hook, character sketches, plot highlights, core conflicts, setting, point of view, literary devices, and theme.

Course outline

A) Study of each of the major characters in the book including their motivation, point of view, and role

B) Study and discussion of the major themes of the book

C) Discussion of the literary styles used

Chapters 1-3; Introducing Mrs. Frisby and Mr. Ages; discussion on point of view

Chapters 4-6; Discussing Timothy’s plight; discussion of plot and themes

Chapters 7-9; Introducing the rats; discussion of heroes  

Chapters 10-12; Brutus and Nicodemus (why did the author choose these names?)

Chapters 13-15; Discussion of the plan and to move Timothy how these changes the direction of the story

Chapters 16-18; Explanation of how the rats came to be; using retelling as a plot device

Chapters 19-21; The Plan

Chapters 22-24; The plot thickens

Chapters 25-End.