My House

Audrey,Age 7

My house contains some interesting things. When you enter the front door, you will see our piano. You can hear me play it when I practice my music lessons. In this same room are some tents. In one tent we keep our toys. The other tent is shaped like a castle and we use it for playing in. In the living room you will see my bookshelves. They are tall and full of books. From my kitchen I often hear birds chirping in the yard outside. At night I sometimes hear people talking in the kitchen. It’s usually mom and dad talking about their day at work. From my bedroom I sometimes hear the TV playing at night. I can also hear the front door being opened and shut loudly. Then it wakes me up! In my house there are certain smells. For example, there is the stench of the trash when you lift the trash barrel lid. Then there is the lovely scent of the roses on the kitchen table. When my mother is cooking, delicious aromas fill the house. All the books in my house are smooth on the covers. The wooden pencils that I write my songs with are also smooth. My couch is covered in smooth fabric. Smoothest of all is the water that I use to wash my hands. I hope you’ll come see my house some day and I will show you all of these things.