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Oxford reading tree GKB

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Oxford Reading Tree (ORT)

Oxford Reading Tree is one of the most popular reading schemes in the world. It is highly successful because children love the characters and enjoy reading about them; it is easy for teachers to use and is an ideal way to encourage more parental support.


Each book in the scheme tells a complete story. Young children can remember a simple story told in natural sounding language even if they cannot read separate words or letters yet.


Oxford Reading Tree is divided into stages (Levels 1 to 9). You can easily identify each stage by the colour on its cover. As children progress to each new stage, the number of words and the difficulty of the sentences in the stories gradually increase. Stage 1 teaches important pre-reading skills. Levels 1+ to 5 introduce specific reading skills which are developed as children progress through Levels 6 to 11 to become fluent and confident readers. TreeTops extends it for 7 to 11 year-olds. Children learning English may take one or two years to complete Levels 1 to 5.


Oxford Reading Tree gives children the very best start in phonics and gets them on to richer reading with the help of the following: