Ustar Phonics Program Level 5

This level focus on letter combinations that covers
Ar,ir,ur,er,or,ou,ow,oi,oy,oo,u,au,aw,all,wa,or,oar,are,air,ea,ear,eer,schwa,silent letters.
Each unit contains a story that has all the vocabulary words in it to enhance students words recognition which includes spelling, meaning, and pronunciation as well as reading comprehension skills.

Lesson 1 ar,ir,ur,P.4-7
Lesson 2 er,or,  story “The Race” P.8-11
Lesson 3 ou,ow,oi,oy, P.12-15
Lesson 4 oo,u, story “A Cow in the House” P.16-19
Lesson 5 Review: word puzzle and song (listen,say, and write) P.20-23
Lesson 6 au,aw,all,wa, P.24-27
Lesson 7 or,oar, story “The Prawn in the Water” P.28-31
Lesson 8 are,air,ea,ear, P.32-35
Lesson 9 eer,ear, story “Clark and Clare Start to Share” P.36-39
Lesson 10 Review: word puzzle and song (listen,say, and write) P.40-43
Lesson 11 a,e,i P.44-47
Lesson 12 o,u, story “The Lady and the Dog” P.48-51
Lesson 13 schwa,a,e,i,o,u, P.52-55
Lesson 14 schwa,o, story “Mr.Monkey Gets a Surprise” P.56-59
Lesson 15 Review: word puzzle and song (listen,say, and write) P.60-63
Lesson 16 silent letters:kn,wr,mb,e, P.64-67
Lesson 17 silent letters:rh,st,story“The Comb and The Dragon” P.68-71
Lesson 18 ture,sure,tion,sion, P.72-75
Lesson 19 ous,ful, story “The Beautiful Treasure” P.76-79
Lesson 20 Review: word puzzle and song (listen,say, and write) P.80-83