Ustar Positive Parenting Program

Want to be a better parent? Want to help your child succeed in school? Follow our carefully designed tips, steps, and family activities to teach your child better manners, healthy learning habits, positive communication dynamics, and much more!

This course covers all the basics of being a responsible parent, ways to work with teachers and schools, helping your child with test-taking and many meaningful family activities.

Classes will be recorded and easy for you to play and listen to anytime of your day. You can also learn lessons in any order you like!

Teachers will hold monthly club zoom meetings to discuss learning contents, questions, and concerns with parents.Parents are encouraged to send questions through our website for teachers to answer daily as well.

Lesson Breakdown:

Chapter 1:

Talk with Your Child

Chapter 2:

Limit TV and Video GameS.

Chapter 3:

Make homework a priority.

Chapter 4:

Study outside of School.

Chapter 5:

Choose Study Materials Carefully.

Chapter 6:

Encourage Your Child to Be responsible and Work Independently

Chapter 7:

Elementary School Academics: Think Reading and Numeracy

Chapter 8:

Working with Teachers and Schools.Q: What do I do first?

Chapter 9:

Q: What if my child has a problem?

Chapter 10:

Q: When should I talk with my child’s teacher?

Chapter 11:

Q: How do I get the most out of parent-teacher conferences?

Chapter 12:

Q: How do I get the most out of parent-teacher conferences?

Chapter 13:

Q: What’s the best way for me to stay involved in my child’s school activiti[es?

Chapter 14:

Helping Your Child with Test-Taking.

Bonus Chapter 15:

What should your child be learning at school and how can I make sure my child is on track?

We will have seperate lessons for children from Kindergarten to Grade 5.


Bonus Chapter 16:

16 family activities for you to do with your child to help them be a better learner.


Watch this video for more details!