Algebra 1 – Ms. Cheri – Tue.-Fall 2020-20 lessons


Class Time: Tue., 5:00-6:00pm CDT

Class Date: 9/1-1/12

Lessons: 20

Teacher: Ms. Cheri

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Course Description

Students will learn how to simplify algebraic expressions, learn how to create, solve and graph linear equations, determine what a function is and how to graph functions, properties of linear equalities and what a ratio is and how to solve proportions.


1.Coordinates and Scatterplots

2. Graphing Linear Equations

3. Slope

4. Graphs using slope-intercept form

5. Solving equations using graphs

6.Writing equations in slope-intercept

7. Writing equations given point and slope and 2 points

8. Writing standard form of a linear equation

9. Solving 1&2 step inequalities

10. Solving multi-step inequalities

11. Solving compound inequalities

12. Solving Absolute Value equations and inequalities

13. Graphing Linear Inequalities

14. Solving Linear systems by graphing

15. Solving linear systems by substitution

16. Solving linear systems by elimination

17. Solving systems of linear inequalities

18. Properties of exponents

19. Exponential Growth

20. Exponential Decay


About the Teacher

Ms. Cheri has been a teacher of high school mathematics for 32 years.  She has taught all subjects offered at the high school level such as algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus, math for college readiness, and AP Calculus.

Ms. Cheri has a degree in mathematics education from Illinois State University.  She taught 16 years in Illinois and then moved to Florida in 2004 and has taught 16 years in Florida.  While in Florida she earned the award as “Best Math Teacher” in Osceola County in 2015.

She has taught online math courses for 9 years for various schools.



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