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AMC 8 is a middle school math competition organized by the American Mathematical Association. It is designed to foster interest in mathematics and promote the development of problem-solving skills. The topics covered include number sense, number theory, estimation, counting, probability, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. This is an introduction course targeting mostly 4-6th graders who love math and had little or no AMC8 training before. The course will focus on problems as difficult as AMC8 questions 1 to 10.

AMC8 中高级班:

ID Topic
1 Algebra
2 Algebra
3 Algebra
4 Geometry
5 Geometry
6 Geometry
7 NumberSense
8 NumberSense
9 NumberSense
10 Counting/Statistic
11 Counting/Statistic
12 Counting/Statistic
13 Review
14 Review


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Ms. Tan, Founder of Joy Education Consultant. Over 20 years of fortune 500 company working experience. Master in Chemical Engineering from Univ. of Colorado at Boulder. Ms. Tan has taught mathematics for elementary and middle school for 15 years. She taught contest math at local Chinese schools and Idea Math in Texas and helped lots of students improve their test scores. She is also a Girl Scout troop leader, various school and community events volunteer.





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