AoPS Beast Academy Grade 4: Guide 4A and Practice 4A (2-Book Set)


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Beast Academy is the new elementary-school math curriculum from Art of Problem Solving. Beast Academy provides a full, rigorous, and entertaining curriculum for aspiring math beasts in grades 2-5. The series consists of four two-book sets for each grade. The Guide book of each set presents the lessons and the Practice book provides exercises and problems to reinforce the lessons.

Beast Academy 4A is the first set in the four-set series for Grade 4. Guide 4A delivers complete lessons to the students of Beast Academy in an engaging comic-book style. The companion book, Practice 4A, provides over 400 problems ranging from introductory level exercises to very challenging puzzles and word problems, to reinforce the lessons in the Guide.

Beast Academy 4A covers the following topics

Shapes: Definitions, angle measurement, parallel and perpendicular lines, symmetry.
Multiplication: The distributive property, multi-digit multiplication, using algorithms, the units digit.
Exponents: Computing powers, order of operations, perfect squares, binary notation (base-2).



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