Chinese Grade 1- 1 on 1 class-Ms. Ivy -10 lessons


Class Time: Sunday, 3:00-4:00 PM PST

Class Date: 4/5-6/7

Lessons: 10

Teacher: Ms. Ivy


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Course Introduction:

This course mainly adopts the latest edition of textbooks, and adjusts the teaching according to the actual needs of overseas Chinese children. The Ministry’s edition of Chinese textbooks has been reviewed and prepared by the nation’s first-class education experts, taking into account all aspects of language knowledge and language ability training. The structure of the Chinese knowledge system is clear, the levels are clear, and the knowledge points are promoted layer by layer, which is convenient for students to form an overall schema of Chinese grammar knowledge, so that students can understand Chinese culture and local customs in the process of learning Chinese.

Our teachers are all outstanding Chinese language teachers who have graduated from the Chinese Language and Literature major and have many years of teaching experience. Among them are provincial and national excellent language teachers. They have Putonghua standards, have deep professional knowledge, are familiar with domestic teaching materials, have rich teaching experience, and are good at motivating their children.



Teacher : Ms. Ivy

Teaching Language: English and Chinese



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