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Class Date: June-August

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Amanda,Ariana,Abbi,Cristy,Christina,Heather,Heather,P,Saima,Tyrone,Richard


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Course description / Learning process:

Students will put themselves in the position of an author and each write a full – length legitimate fictional story. This narrative can be of whichever genre / plot the student wishes to choose. Every week, the student will be expected to write at least one page of his / her story out of class. The student will also be expected to read over and put “comments” on other student’s stories. (This class will usually consist of 3 – 4 students) The comments will be suggestions about what may need to be improved, whether it is grammatical or story – related. Every week during the lesson, our class will go discuss each specific comment, with every person sharing their unique perspective. This is a way of peer editing that encourages engagement and collective growth, and the process mimics discussions that would take place between an author and editor of published stories throughout the nation.

Learning outcome:

Students will show growth in their storytelling / creative writing skills. This includes the ability to describe a detailed setting, develop an interesting plot, and create characters with personality and depth.

Requirements (homework between classes):
1- Write at least one page of your story
2 – Review other student’s newest page of their stories, and make comments on them where you think improvements can be made.

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