English writng G9-10 Small Group Class—Mr. Ray


Class Time: Thursday, 7:00-8:00 PM CDT

Class Date: 6/11-9/17

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Mr Ray

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The 9th-10th-grade reading and writing curriculum focuses on academic writing.  Provides instruction in drafting and revising essays that express ideas in Standard English, including reading critically, thinking logically, responding to texts, addressing specific audiences, and researching and documenting credible academic sources. Includes review of grammar, mechanics, and usage.

Students will learn various types of writing such as narrative, research, literary analysis and poetry analysis. Students will also be learning literary theory and reading informational text, poetry , non-fiction and American fiction classics.  As well, students will be working on their college admissions essay for future acceptance into University.

Target Students:

9th-10th graders

About the teacher:

Mr Ray , 7 years of teaching experience, worked at  local middle school as an English Language Arts Teacher . He taught 6th-12th grade students reading and writing for literature and informational texts. His teaching philosophy is to see to every student’s unique needs and demands. He like to use wide range of formative and summative class activities to closely monitor students’ growth. In 2017-2018, he worked with 22% on-grade-level students at the beginning of the school year. By the end of the year, the End Of Grade Exam data have shown that 64%  of his students have achieved on/above Grade level.


What you’ll learn?

  •  Write a narrative for your College Admissions Essay that captures a moment in your life or a trait you exhibit in an interesting and persuasive way.
  •  Differentiate between the various types of writing such as Narrative, Persuasive, Research, Literary, etc.
  • Learn how to analyze text including Poetry, Fiction, Non -Fiction, Articles etc.
  • Understand how to read literature from various theoretical lenses.
  • Discuss text in an academic way using literature terminology.
  • SAT Vocabulary
  • ……


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