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  • “Introduce Yourself” Cartoon
    Courses 1-10 Planning (adjustable according to students’ learning progress)
    • Course 1: “Introduce yourself ”#2, colours, “What is it?”#1
    • Course 2: “What is it?”#2, numbers and school materials
    • Course 3: Review and singing activities
    • Course 4: “What day is it today?”, days of the week
    • Course 5: “What do you want to do today?”, sports and artistic activities#1
    • Course 6: “What do you like to do?”, sports and artistic activities#2
    • Course 7: Review and singing activities
    • Course 8: “How old are you?”, foods and drinks#1
    • Course 9: “What do you want to eat and drink?”, foods and drinks#2
    • Course 10: Full review and singing activities

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Ms. Celine



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