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Course Introduction

All lessons in this thematic unit will include: Warm-up Review Questions, Guided Reading, Vocabulary, Activity, and Assessment. Google Earth, Youtube and other platforms will be utilized to bring the students an interactive experience that assists them with the process of building English language skills while learning about the history that shaped the United States.

American Revolution and the New Nation

Lesson 1: Britain’s Acts in the Colonies- In this introductory lesson, students will begin to understand just how densely populated the 13 colonies were becoming. They will learn words like militia and tyranny while learning about events such as the French and Indian War and Proclamation of 1763. The students will begin to understand the dynamic between Britain and American colonists that was about to be fueled by more fleeting attempts to control the settlers’ lives.

Lesson 2: Colonists Actions and Early Battles- This lesson will cover the various acts of control that the King of England instituted in the colonies. The students will also learn about the various ways in which the colonists refused these acts. Students will learn how words like monopoly and massacre began to make their mark on U.S. history. They will learn about the battles that sparked the flame that was the Revolutionary War.

Lesson 3: Declaration of Independence- During this session, students will be introduced to the Continental Army and their tactics while fighting the Battle of Bunker Hill. Students will also be exposed to words like Natural and Fundamental Rights the theories and principles on which the Declaration of Independence was written. 

Lesson 4: Battle Victories and Defeats- This lesson’s reading will take a deep look at both sides of the Revolution, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both the Americans and the British armies. Students will learn words like strategy and retreat while they examine both perspectives and understand which battles changed the momentum of the war.

Lesson 5: Impact of the American Revolution- This lesson begins with the end of the war and ends with the formation of a new nation. The students will learn concepts like Treaty of Paris and representatives will be examined while we learn about the first issues which the colonies faced as they began the new nation.

Lesson 6: Creating the Constitution- Students will learn about the head figures who were instrumental in developing the United States Constitution. They will also learn words like Articles of Confederation and Northwest Ordinance while we analyze the many problems which arose as political heads of colonies started the process. 

Lesson 7: Constitutional Process- This lesson will take a look at concepts like Three-Fifths Compromise and learn words like contradiction while we examine the biggest issue that held the states back from coming to a constitutional agreement. Federalists and Anti-Federalists will also be discussed while we learn about the opposing sides of arguments and their motivations for those positions.

Lesson 8: Branches of Government- This lesson will establish the foundational understanding about the governmental bodies. Words like Executive Branch and legislature will be learned while we learn about the powers of each of the three parts of government. Students will also discuss the web of balance that keeps all bodies of government in check so that one of them cannot become too strong.

Lesson 9: Federal/State Powers and the Bill of Rights- This lesson Words like interest groups and concepts such as majority rule will be examined while we delve into the process by which a bill is passed in government. This lesson will also discuss the Bill of Rights, which are the fundamental rights that were observed and celebrated by certain groups of people in the new nation.

Lesson 10: Constitutional Amendments- This lesson will be dedicated to exploring the various amendments of our U.S. Constitution which were put in place to protect citizens from government actions. Words like due process and concepts like Treasury Department and Department of War will be discussed as we take a look at the process by which the executive branch was set up.

Lesson 11: Views of Federalist and Republicn Parties- This lesson will cover the viewpoints that were at the crux of the new republic’s mind. Concepts like human nature and ratification will be discussed while we learn about the ways in which different sides of the aisle saw their lives in the new nation, and how those views were fundamentally different than the other side’s.

Lesson 12: Election of 1800 and Foreign Policy- Students will learn words like sedition and nullify to discuss the back and forth, tit for tat, that occurred during the resolution of government practices. We will discuss political tactics which are still used today to impose one’s will for running the government.

Lesson 13: Piracy and the War of 1812- Words like embargo and impressment will be used for discussion about how nations from around the world were impacted by the naval issues that plagued the seas. Concepts like war hawks and Star-Spangled Banner will also be used to analyze the War of 1812

Lesson 14: Latin American Revolution and Tecumseh- Words like liberate and concepts such as Monroe Doctrine will be utilized to warrant discussion about the policies with which the new nation’s government used to deal with foreign powers. Students will also learn about the continuing conflicts between settlers and the native tribes who inhabited the vast landscape.

Lesson 15: Culture of the New Republic- This lesson will cover the popular customs of new America. Words like capitalism, frontier and pioneers will be learned to foster discussion about the mindset and functionality of the new nation’s settlers. This lesson will also divulge the origins of Andrew Jackson, before he became president.

Lesson 16: Andrew Jackson: Heroe or Horror- This lesson will be dedicated to the discussion about the United States’ seventh president. Words like tariffs and secede will be used to discuss President Jackson’s policies, both with the native tribes of the land, as well as with the Bank of the United States. The actions he put in motion would forever change the landscape of the new nation.

About the Teacher

Joshua Bowman’s purpose in life is to provide children with opportunities and resources to enable them to grow academically and personally. A California native, Mr. Bowman began his career upon graduating Cum Laude from California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) with a BA in Liberal Studies and an MA in Education. He has taught all primary grade levels and is currently teaching 8th grade in Monterey County. His dedication to the principles of service, and individual maturity is reflected in his long-term association with a national leadership and mentoring organization. Mr. Bowman enjoys a fun and lively classroom setting in which he typically focuses on critical thinking analysis, discussion, and the expansion of vocabulary understanding and usage.


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