G5-6 reading club 3-4 small group (01/23-04/22) Sat 6:15-7:15pm cdt -15lessons–2021Spring


Class Time: Saturday, 6:15-7:15pm cdt

Class Date: 1/16-4/15

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Ms. Lara

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The Alchemist – Book Club

Essential Questions:
What is the hero’s journey?
How is this theme seen throughout texts across times?
How does everything in the world conspire to help us achieve our personal legends?
What is the connection between all things in the world?
What is more important: the journey or the destination?
What is my personal legend?

Literary Terms:
Anonymous Character
Literary Analysis
Personal Essay
Public Speaking Skills

Reading Schedule
Lesson 1
Read p 1-33
Lesson 2
Read p 34-47
Lesson 3
Read p. 151-65
Lesson 4
Read p. 68-80
Lesson 5
Read p. 80-104
Lesson 6:
Read p. 105-133
Lesson 7
Read p. 134-163
Lesson 8
Socratic Seminar & Outside Source
Homework: First Draft of Literary Analysis
Lesson 9
Peer Edit & Revise Literary Analysis
Homework: Final Draft of Literary Analysis
& “This I Believe” First Draft
Lesson 10
Present “This I Believe” Personal Essay

Lesson format:
Engage: Show some sort of video or do a hands on activity that hooks the students into the lesson.
Warm-up: Speaking & Vocabulary Investigation
Journal: Write about a Topic from the Lesson; Brainstorm & Writing Practice
Lesson: Literary Topic Dissected
Group Reading & Analysis
Independent Reading & Writing Assignment (to complete at home)
Enrichment Activities – connect literature to modern day & your own life!


Target students:

Grade 5-6

About the teacher

Ms. Lara has taught English for fifteen years in different countries around the world. After getting her BA in Sociology and Photography at the University of California, San Diego, she worked with students with special needs for several years, trying to understand every kind of learner and diverse modalities of helping students to utilize their strengths and access learning from their own points of view. She has taught in Honduras and Hungary, as well as many kinds of schools around the US. After teaching English, Science, Art, and Music to 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th grade students in the Caribbean, she came back to the
US, and got her teaching credential at California State Monterey Bay. Following this, she taught at a small high school in Santa Cruz, CA for twelve years, where she instructed 9-12th grade English, Art, Digital Photography, and History as well as Advanced Placement classes for 5 years. In 2012, she took a hiatus to complete a year as a Fulbright exchange teacher in Budapest, where she taught ESL and was an ambassador for the US. She was nominated for Teacher of the Year in 2015, and received a commendation for her work in 2018. She now tutors students in many subjects, while being a student herself, pursuing another degree. She enjoys working with students and learning from them, and finding new ways to communicate and understand the world around us.

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