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Course Introduction

All lessons in this thematic unit will include: Warm-up Question, Guided Reading, Vocabulary, Activity, and Assessment. Youtube, Brain Pop, Quizziz and other platforms will be utilized to bring the students an interactive experience that assists them with the process of building English language skills while learning about the history that built the nation and gave us the rights we have today.

Lesson 1: Life in Colonies Before 1763

This lesson will illustrate what life looked like for the colonists before the American Revolution. Students will study the population density of the 13 colonies. Through interpreting maps, students will discover which of the 13 colonies were still Loyalists. We will read about the details of the French and Indian War, and how it impacted the American colonies and their relationship with Great Britain.

Lesson 2: Early British Actions in Colonies

This lesson will provide the students with insight into how and why the first act by the King of England set up a chain of events leading him to lose his rule over American colonists. Topics of discussion will include the Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act, and Quartering Act, as we uncover why colonists were upset with the king of England and why they wanted reform.

Lesson 3: The Boston Massacre

The students will discover what events provoked the deaths of colonists by the British Army during this lesson. Topics to be discussed include boycott, repeal, and the Townshend Acts, as we wrestle with the concept of “self defense” vs. “massacre.” We will learn the names of key players on the patriots’ side who helped stoke the flames that ended up burning King George III.

Lesson 4: The Boston Tea Party

During this lesson, students will investigate the events that led to 90,000 pounds of tea being dumped into the sea. Topics for discussion include the term monopoly, the Tea Act, and the Sons of Liberty, as we learn about the steps taken by patriots that escalated the temper of England. We will analyze how this historical period led to economic concepts still employed today to suppress competition in business.

Lesson 5: The Intolerable Acts

This lesson will look at ways that England used its royal power to assert dominance over all aspects of life in the colonies. The students will see how the punishments handed down by England for the dumping of it’s tea, impacted the growing escalation between the colonies and the King. Topics up for discussion will include the First Continental Congress, militia and minutemen, as we explore the American identity that began to form during this time, as well as discover how the colonists began to prepare for the ensuing hostilities..

Lesson 6: Lexington and Concord

This lesson will introduce the class to the first skirmishes that kicked off the American Revolution. “The shot heard round the world” will be discussed, as we analyze the tactics with which both sides used to fight in these first battles. The students will have a deeper appreciation of courage after learning that colonists would not only fight for their rights, but were willing to die for them.

Lesson 7: The Colonists Organize an Army

This lesson will provide details about how the colonies organized a colony militia with the leadership of George Washington. We will discuss concepts such as delegates and learn about the importance of the Battle of Bunker Hill,  understanding how the colonies began to unite as one allied force.

Lesson 8: Declaration Of Independence

During this lesson, students will examine the documents that stoked the revolutionary fire which burned bright in the hearts of colonists. Topics being discussed will include Common Sense, the Olive Branch Petition, and Natural Rights, while we uncover the steps that brought to our independence from Britain, and the enlightenment that this brought with it.

Lesson 9: Investigating Primary Sources

This class will be used to scrutinize primary sources that reveal strong word choice, provoking an emotional response from the audience. We will look at ways in which the written and spoken word assisted in the process of stoking the patriotic flames that engulfed Britain. 

Lesson 10: Project Based Learning

This lesson will be dedicated to the students’ presentations of the project which was discussed during Lesson 2. The students will develop a graphic organizer offering multiple perspectives regarding the King’s laws and taxes. In addition, they will also report their opinions from the point of view of a loyalist or a patriot. This will be done in the form of an essay, explaining how they feel as a colonist, about the Acts of the King.

About the Teacher

Joshua Bowman’s purpose in life is to provide children with opportunities and resources to enable them to grow academically and personally. A California native, Mr. Bowman began his career upon graduating Cum Laude from California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) with a BA in Liberal Studies and an MA in Education. He has taught all primary grade levels and is currently teaching 8th grade in Monterey County. His dedication to the principles of service, and individual maturity is reflected in his long-term association with a national leadership and mentoring organization. Mr. Bowman enjoys a fun and lively classroom setting in which he typically focuses on critical thinking analysis, discussion, and the expansion of vocabulary understanding and usage.


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