Public Speaking G5-6 3-4 small group (08/23-11/29) Mon 6:40-7:40 PM CDT -15lessons-Parker-2021 Fall


Class Time: Mon, 6:40-7:40 PM CDT

Class Date: 08/23-11/29

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Parker


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Course Overview:

Gaining confidence as an individual speaker by gaining more finite principals of various genres of public speaking such as impromptu speech, informative speech, persuasive speech, and argumentation.

Course Objectives:

Students will be able to recognize, compare and contrast, correctly format, and deliver formal speeches (informative, and persuasive). Students will be able to quickly organize thoughts for an impromptu speech. Students will also discover the basics in argumentation in order to begin preparation for the debate.  The bulk of learning will be attained through live evaluations and verbal feedback. Immediate instructor and peer evaluation is a proven learning technique in communication education and is a core competency in enhancing speech communications.

Who should take?

Recommended grade 5-6.

 What you will learn?

  • Effective vocal techniques
  • Effective Body Language
  • Peer to Peer Evaluation
  • Confidence in expressing individual thoughts and opinions, as well as researched facts
  • Proper Speech organization
  • Accuracy and frequency in citing sources
  • Formulate, organize, and articulate thoughts and knowledge quickly
  • Understanding debate format

Course Breakdown and Objectives  

Week 1-3: I’m The Expert

Problem Solving

Career Speech

Demonstration Speeches

Objective: Students will have the opportunity to  show off their talents by teaching the class how to do something. This activity will help improve how students formulate and communicate their ideas. Everyone has the opportunity to think of great problem solving ideas. Expressing those ideas to one another for all to understand is just as important as the idea.

Week 4: THE VOICE and Non-Verbal Gestures

Gibberish Activity

A Dramatic Story for Emphasis

Tools of vocal dynamics: Energy and emphasis, Pitch inflection, Rhythm and Pacing, Pauses and Silence, Vocal Quality

Objective: Students will express their personality and things they enjoy through poetry, prose and choral readings. Students will learn how to achieve vocal variety, rate, and dynamics when speaking. This will help students to improve their presentations so that their message is effective.

Week 5: Impromptu and Advanced formal speeches

Formal Speech Structure

Objective: Students will present spur of the moment speeches (impromptu speeches) to improve their ability to discuss topics at any given time.  Impromptu speeches also will introduce the structure of delivering an advanced formal speech presentation.

Week 6: Persuasive Speech Presentations and Student Critiques

ZOMBIE INVASION SPEECHES Objective: Students will delivery a formal persuasive speech implementing pathos, ethos, and logos. They will also learn how to evaluate and critique their peers.

Week 7-8: Persuasive Unit Continues Congressional Debate Objective: Students will continue to learn further instruction on developing great persuasive speech techniques through fun debating activities.

Week 9-10:  Book Creator Presentations: It’s Going to be A great Story!

Objective: Students will continue to improve articulation and correct pronunciation of words. This class will also have students create an online themed book and present it to the class.

Week 11: The Fake Holiday Speech

Objective: Students will create a fake holiday and present the purpose and details of it to persuade classmates to vote for.

Week 12-13: And That’s How It Got It’s name! Name Game and  Try My New Product!

Objective: Students will work on critical thinking skills to effectively come up with uniques ways to present and explain things.

Week 14-17: Original Oratory: Motivational, Inspirational Speeches Objective: Students will learn the importance of  delivering speeches that they are passionate about in order to inspire others to do the same.

Week 18-20  Speakers Choice Practice and Competition

Coaching Sessions: Each Student will receive individual tutoring from the teacher in breakout groups.

Objective: Students will deliver their speeches in a contest to be judged by local high school speech and debate team students. They will receive a critique and a trophy will be awarded to  the first place winner.

*Activities may vary pending the pace of the class.

* Students will be given homework assignments.




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