Summer Camp-Genius Science STEM Program July W2 (07/12-07/16) Mon-Fri 11:00-12:00 PM CDT -5lessons-2021Summer


Class Time: Mon-Fri , 11:00-12:00 PM CDT

Class Date: 07/12-07/16

Lessons: 5



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L1 Gravity VS Water  (Upside down water)

Concepts: How energy and force creates motion. Surface tension against gravity

L2 Behavior of Liquids (Elephant Toothpaste)

Concepts: Hydrogen Peroxide. Oxygen and water

L3 Gravity and Balance (Eggsperiment)

Concepts: Distribution of weight on various materials. Surface tension against materials

L4 Floating Penny

Concepts: Air pressure. Behavior of Liquids

L5 Color Explosion

Concepts: Behavior of Liquids (Milk VS dish detergents)

L6 Ocean in a bottle

Concepts: Behavior of liquids (oil vs water)

L7 Scaredy Sand

Concept: Behavior of solids

Hydrophobic VS water

L8 Weird Perspective

Concepts: Scale. Angle. Distance

L9 Wiggly Water

Concepts: Negative electron VS positive electron. Electricity and friction

L10 Madness Marshmallows

Concepts: Principles of pressure. Properties of foam. ocean science

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