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Class Time: Sat, 1:00-2:00PM CDT

Class Date: (06/11-09/17)

Lessons: 15

Teacher: Jennifer

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Course Breakdown

Lesson 1. The meaning of words
Read the story “ A Visit to the Park”
Language Work:
A: Definition: using simpler words to explain complex words
B: Context clues: determine the meaning of words using context clues. C: Compare & Contrast writing
Lesson 2. Sentences and paragraphs Read the poem “ ​Summer Nights​”
Word Bank Practice: Finding the best word to complete the sentences
Word Bank Practice for paragraphs: Finding the best words to complete the whole paragraphs. Main idea & details writing
Lesson 3. Identify homophones and compound words.
Read the story “ A Puzzle a Day”
Correct homophones and choose the right one for sentences Compound words practice
Sequencing writing
Lesson 4. Apply knowledge of word families to recognize new words. Read the story “Apple”
Jumbled words
fiction writing: character/setting
Lesson 5. Identify Prefixes and Suffixes
Read the story “ Kitten’s choice”
Select correct prefixes and suffixes to complete the sentences fiction writing: plot
Lesson 6. word patterns and organization of writing Read the story “Making cookies”
fiction writing: ending
Lesson 7. Identify Synonyms and Antonyms
Read the story “Monster Learns Rules”
Synonyms and antonym crosswords practice
Drawing conclusion writing: Contexts and details analysis
Lesson 8. Grammar Writing: nouns, verbs, and adjectives​ Read the story “Kayaking”
Identify nouns, verbs, and adjectives .Expository Writing: How to Care for a Pet?
Lesson 9. Punctuation Exercises:
​Read the story “ Playground”
Ending punctuation: periods, questions marks, and exclamation marks Using commas
Lesson 10. Identify and use adjectives
Read the story “The Coat”
Adjectives and Nouns
Graphic organizers and story maps Categorizing your thought in writing
Lesson 11: Context reading, Prediction writing practice: What Happened Next? Lesson 12: Reality VS Fantasy: What is Reality? What is Fantasy?
Lesson 13: Stretching sentences: Adding details to sentences, adjectives and adverbs writing practice
Lesson 14: Fact VS Fiction: What is Fact? What is Fiction? Lesson 15: Fact VS Opinion reading and prompts writing practice Lesson 16: Letter Write: Persuasive opinion writing
Lesson 17: Cause & Effect : What is the Effect?
Lesson 18: Cause & Effect : What is the Cause? Lesson 19: Haiku Syllables and Haiku Poem writing Lesson 20: Research Writing: Explore season

This G1 grade Reading and writing curriculum helps first graders focus on becoming English words&grammar& writing experts while preparing them for the next grade level. Students will learn the foundational reading skills of word recognition, vocabulary, transitional words, paragraph organization, basic comprehension skills, and reading strategies. They will also learn fundamental composition skills such as spelling, capitalization, sentence structures, punctuation, formatting, purposefully shaping, and controlling language, which will prepare them for school tests and exams.

What you’ll learn?

  • Spelling skills
  • Phonics and phonemic awareness
  • Grammar
  • Applying word analysis skills
  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Fundamental composition skills
  • Writing with using elements of the writing process
  • Writing with expository and procedural texts

About the teacher

Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in English and Education. Studied abroad at Oxford University for one semester. I specialize in reading, writing, grammar, public speaking, vocabulary lessons, and ELA.  I am also TESOL certified and can teach EFL.





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