Young reader Level L-O, Fall 2020-Ms. Saima-Sat. 4-5pm CDT (11/21-1/23) 10 lessons


上课时间: Saturday, 3:45-4:45pm PST,5:45-6:45pm CDT,6:45-7:45pm EST

上课日期: 11/21-1/23

课时数: 10

老师: Ms. Saima

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Young Reader Program will have a balanced mix of grade-leveled stories, children’s stories (including fiction, non-fiction, and poems), fables, and comprehension-targeted reading exercise.

This is what students will be expecting from this course:

Grade-leveled stories:

There will be 4 levels within the same grade in my class to ensure every student progress and thrive.

leveled based on a number of factors related to text complexity such as vocabulary, word size, sentence length, amount of repetitiveness and subject matter complexity.

Each successive level introduces a greater reading challenge .

Children’s stories:

Students will be reading fiction, non-fiction, and poetry with a rich variety of topics from the three major subjects: English language arts, science, and social study.

Story List #2 September 2020 (Reading level L,M,N,O)
1- Camp K-9
2- Libby and Alfred’s Big Fight
3- The Dress-Up Parade
4- The Magic Clown
5- Jeff Rides a Spaceship
6- Survive A Tornado
7- Survive in the Mountains
8- What Is a Heat Wave?
9- Snakes Shed Their Skin.
10- Penguins Can’t Fly

About the teacher

Mrs. Saima holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and dual bachelor’s degree in Science. She has taught English to children for 16 years. Currently, she is working as an online English instructor, teaching kids aged 4-14 years. She loves teaching and watching the young minds shape and mold into wonderful readers and writers. Her job as a facilitator is to develop enriching, engaging lessons that stretch the thinking of all the young students.

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