Python - 3 Level

level 1

Python Basics Lesson 1

We will make a simple chat bot!

• How to use IDLE to write Python code.
• Variables and data types.
• Print and Input Functions.
• Introduce Conditional Logic.

Python Basics Lesson 2

We will create a choose your own adventure game!

• Reinforce the print() and input() functions.
• Nested conditional statements.
• Introduce while loops to validate input.

Python Basics Lesson 3

We will create a number guessing game!

• A deeper dive into conditional logic.
• Use while loops to run the program until the user chooses to quit.
• Import Modules to gain access to more built in functions.
• Work with functions from the random module.

Python Basics Lesson 4

We will make a simple calculator!

• Introduce and work with lists.
• Use for loops to print list items.
• Work with the modulus operator.
• Introduce making your own functions.

We will spend 2 weeks here

Text Adventure Game (10 Weeks)

During your text adventure lessons you build on your prior learning:

 Indents: How you use your tabs makes all the difference.
• Logic: Variables, loops, dictionaries, lists, functions, and more make your text adventure game function.
• Imports: Using existing libraries makes coding easy. Libraries let you do things like generate random numbers and pause the program for a bit.
• Functions: Define your own functions to organize your code and customize your game more efficiently.

level 2

Paint App (3 Weeks)

Create your own Paint App!

• How Kivy helps with Python Code
• UI! Creating windows, drawings, and buttons.
• Control touch response.
• Introduce classes.

Multiplayer Dungeon Race Game (12 Weeks)

Coding your own custom multiplayer dungeon game will teach you how to:

• Code and run a server for people to connect to through the browser.
• Code your own custom commands to work in the game.
• Use multiple functions to pass info to each other.
• Send messages to all players on the server.

level 3

Multiplayer Space Adventure (15 Weeks)

During the space adventure lessons, you will learn:

• How to use the keyboard to control your space ship.
• How to define object properties. Create classes to be used over and over.
• About velocity, speed, and angles.
• Networking how to configure your file to connect to a server.