Amy Xu, 12 years old, from Changchun, China review on English Speech Class and Writing Class

Amy Xu, 12 years old, from Changchun, China

Review on English Speech Class

I always have problem and fear for public speaking and will try to find every possible way to avoid giving a speech whenever I can.  After researching a bit on how I can improve my speech giving skill, I ran across an online platform called Ustar and did some more digging and decided to give it a shot. All I have to say is that I have no regret of taking the leap of faith and the time in completely the public speech online class from Ustar. My online instructor was fabulous and taught me how to organize my speech in a logical way and incorporated the use gestures during the speech to be more expressive and ask questions to the audience to make it more interactive and engaging. I now feel very confident to give a speech in any occasion. I was not afraid anymore and performed very well.

Review on English Writing bClass

I had a great time at Ustar. Thanks to their friendly teachers and helpful staff, I could find the best course to suit me. This was a wonderful experience that helped me become more confident in myself and I would be more than happy to repeat it all over again!

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