Science Series G5-7

Ustar Science series Ace Science intro

Everything You Need to Ace Science  takes students from scientific investigation and the engineering design process to the Periodic Table; forces and motion; forms of energy; outer space and the solar system; to earth sciences, biology, body systems, ecology, and more.

Class length: 10 units and a total of 45 lessons.

Students level: Grade 5-Grade 7

Lesson breakdown:

Unit 1 Matter, Chemical reactions, and Solutions

Lesson 1  Matter, Property, and Phases
Lesson 2  Periodic Table, Atomic Structure, and Compounds
Lesson 3  Solutions and Fluids

Unit 2 Motions, Forces, and Work

Lesson 4 Motion

Lesson 5 Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion

Lesson 6 Gravity, Friction, and More Forces

Lesson 7: Work and Machines

Unit 3 Energy

Lesson 8: Forms and Energy

Lesson 9 Thermal Energy

Lesson 10 Light and Sound Waves

Lesson 11 Electricity and Magnetism

Lesson 12 Electrical Energy Sources

Unit 4 Outer Space: The Universe and Solar System

Lesson 13 The Solar System and Space

Lesson 14 The Sun-Earth-Moon System

Lesson 15 Stars and Galaxies

Lesson 16 The Origin of the Universe

Unit 5 The Earth, Weather, Atmosphere, and Climate

Lesson 17 Minerals, rocks, and the Earth’s structure

Lesson 18 Earth’s Crust in Motion

Lesson 19 Weathering and Erosion

Lesson 20 The Earth’s Atmosphere

Lesson 21 Weather

Lesson 22 Climate

Unit 6 Life: Classification and Cells

Lesson 23 Organisms and Biological Classification

Lesson 24 Cell Theory and Cell Structure

Lesson 25 Cellular Transport and Metabolism

Lesson 26 Cell Reproduction and Protein Synthesis

Unit 7 Plants and Animals

Lesson 27 Plant Structure

Lesson 28 Animals: invertebrates

Lesson 29 Animal and Plant Homeostasis Behavior

Unit 8 The Human body and body systems

Lesson 30 Skeletal and Muscular systems

Lesson 31 Nervous and Endocrine systems

Lesson 32 Digestive and excretory systems

Lesson 33 Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

Lesson 34 Immune and Lymphatic systems

Lesson 35 Human Reproductive and development

Unit 9 History of life

Lesson 36 Heredity and Genetics

Lesson 37 Evolution

Lesson 38 Fossils and Rock Ages

Lesson 39 History of life on Earth

Unit 10 Ecology

Lesson 40 Ecology and ecosystems

Lesson 41 Interdependence and the cycling of energy and matter

Lesson 42 Ecological succession and biomes Part 1

Lesson 43   Ecological succession and biomes Part 2

Lesson 44 Natural Resources and Conservation Part I

Lesson 45 Natural Resources and Conservation Part 2