Fun Science STEM Class

Age:3.5 - 6

Fun STEM Class for Young Kids

• Simple version of Acids and Bases
• Circuit fun
• Scientific tools
• Lego adventure
• Fun with Magnets
• Liquid Towers
• Parachute Science
• Fun with Carbon Dioxide

$35 per class, 1 hour

$280 per session (8 classes)

Class Videos & Pictures

In this class, children challenge themselves in finding ways for a small toy to cross a pretend river. While doing so, the children will be exposed to a few scientific and engineering concepts like buoyancy, structural strength… through a fun and engaging presentation.

slime to play dough:
Summer camp ( STEM day 1)
Through fun hands activities children learned about the differences between physical and chemical reactions. Children
Also got the opportunity to make slime out of ingredients and chemical reactions. They tested their hypothesis and ended up changing the texture of the slime to play dough. ( ask your children how they could change the slime to play dough. They love to share it with you )

Made boats and tested their boats on the water:
summer camp ( STEM day two )
Children had an amazing time being creative engineers.
Through individual and group work they designed/ made boats and tested their boats on the water. ( they indirectly learned about the water solubility)
Also children used different ways to design/ build different marble mazes. Lastly they tested their paths. It was great to see how their creativity, collaboration and teamwork ended up with great different marble mazes.

Ice Cream:
In this class children learned about the big differences between physical and chemical reactions. They got involved with doing individual and group hands-on activities. We made ice cream and also focused on the product of a chemical reaction at the end of the class.

Toy Car:
Today in our STEM camp kids learned how they could design and move their own toy car out of simple materials
They ended up with learning the science behind the moving car and how their different design can affect their cars speed and movement.

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Science STEM Teacher

Samare has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She has permit in Early Childhood Education. Samare has spent more than 8 years as an ECE educator at Stanford University, JCC Los Gatos and Children’s House of Los Altos. She has been a STEM specialist/ Instructor for more than 6 years. Samare Also ran drama enrichment classes for Pre-K children while she was in JCC. Currently she is an ECE Educator / STEM Specialist in Children’s House of Los Altos.

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