Fun Science STEM Class


Fun STEM Class for Young Kids

• Simple version of Acids and Bases
• Circuit fun
• Scientific tools
• Lego adventure
• Fun with Magnets
• Liquid Towers
• Parachute Science
• Fun with Carbon Dioxide

Open house class video

In this class, children challenge themselves in finding ways for a small toy to cross a pretend river. While doing so, the children will be exposed to a few scientific and engineering concepts like buoyancy, structural strength… through a fun and engaging presentation.

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Science STEM Teacher

Samare has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She has permit in Early Childhood Education. Samare has spent more than 8 years as an ECE educator at Stanford University, JCC Los Gatos and Children’s House of Los Altos. She has been a STEM specialist/ Instructor for more than 6 years. Samare Also ran drama enrichment classes for Pre-K children while she was in JCC. Currently she is an ECE Educator / STEM Specialist in Children’s House of Los Altos.