Ustar Genius Science STEM Program

K-5th grade

This program is carefully designed to inspire, demonstrate, and encourage young kids to explore science, not from words, but a 3D angle with teachers showing each step of different science experiments right in front of their eyes.The main goal of this program is to help kids grasp abstract and challenging science facts and skills. Each lesson is highly engaging and goal oriented. 

Note: This program is not designed for a specific grade level. Kids from K-5 are all qualified to attend. 

Stage 1

Lesson time: 40 minutes

L1 Gravity VS Water  (Upside down water)

Concepts: How energy and force creates motion. Surface tension against gravity

L2 Behavior of Liquids (Elephant Toothpaste)

Concepts: Hydrogen Peroxide. Oxygen and water

L3 Gravity and Balance (Eggsperiment)

Concepts: Distribution of weight on various materials. Surface tension against materials

L4 Floating Penny 

Concepts: Air pressure. Behavior of Liquids

L5 Color Explosion 

Concepts: Behavior of Liquids (Milk VS dish detergents)

L6 Ocean in a bottle

Concepts: Behavior of liquids (oil vs water)

L7 Scaredy Sand

Concept: Behavior of solids

Hydrophobic VS water

L8 Weird Perspective

Concepts: Scale. Angle. Distance

L9 Wiggly Water

Concepts: Negative electron VS positive electron. Electricity and friction

L10 Madness Marshmallows

Concepts: Principles of pressure. Properties of foam. ocean science

Lesson 1 Sample