Soft Skills



1-6th Grade

The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Chinese and Chinese culture.


K-6th Grade

Speak dramatically better French, small group & private classes. 


1-9th Grade

This course provides student background and exposure to the basics of the Spanish language. Students will begin language development through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Public Speaking & Dabate & Drama


How does a student develop the self-confidence necessary to make a speech in public or at school? Simple! By spending some time this vacation in the Ustar Public Speaking 101 Camp! You can recognize your own areas of strength and development by discovering the skills necessary to overcome your natural fears of speaking in front of a group by participating in a series of speech activities and drills custom-designed to develop your talents as a dynamic communicator while having fun in our safe and supportive online classroom! Good oral communication is the one skill that teachers agree is the most important academic and social ability students can have in today’s world, and this is the best place and time to discover it!


Debate is not just an academic pursuit – it’s used every day in real life and in school! So, how can you argue without becoming argumentative? With so many important issues facing students these days, learning how to advocate for your own position is becoming a vital academic and life skill! In Ustar’s Debate 101 Exploration Camp, students can learn how to express an opinion or take a stance on an issue that is important to them while elevating their public speaking skills by practicing debating skills and making claims based on logical reasoning in a fun, yet challenging atmosphere of teamwork and friendship. Students will participate in custom-designed training debates employing the fundamentals of constructing arguments and defending positions in competitive debate formats including Spontaneous Debates (SPAR), Public Forum Debate, and in real-world classroom and social discussions.


Age 5-9

The children will make up stories and then choose their favorite characters and costumes. Then we will design and build a stage as a group and children play their roles on the stage.

Soft Skills





PreK - 12th Grade

Super engaging and fun chess class. Come and learn tactics, strategies and how to beat your opponent! Get better at calculating, trapping and anticipating moves.


PreK - 9th Grade

Professional systematic art classes for all ages from 4 to 15 years old with small classes at different times. Children’s painting/drawing/sketching/ink painting/watercolor/acrylic/oil painting, from entry to mastery, step by step. Help your child prepare his or her portfolio. We also provide adult art class, parent and me art class.

Emotional Intelligence

Grade 1 and up

Ustar emotional intelligence course is carefully designed to help kids change the way they think and become better learners at school and achieve anything they want to.
In here, kids will learn to train their brains and start the belief that as long as you are willing to work through challenges and keep going when things get tough, you can achieve pretty much anything!